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Walk Together Cardiff - Saturday 28 September 2019

This is a space for everyone coming to Walk Together Cardiff, anyone thinking of attending and for everyone who is supporting them!

Whether you're coming on your own or as part of team, say hi to everyone and talk about the day. The start point will also be a great place to meet everyone on the day itself.

Walk Together, our annual sponsored five mile walks, are a fantastic way to bring people together to show support for those undergoing treatment, remember loved ones and help stop people dying of bowel cancer. It’s for people of all ages and abilities.

You can find more and sign up at

Fundraising team

We're getting super excited for the walk now - who else is looking forward to it?

Let's get to know each other - I'm Mike, and this will be my second Walk Together event. How about you? :D


Really looking forward to this, will be my first Walk Together with 15 of my friends and family, be good to meet others in the area going through the bowel cancer fight.