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LADIES! Missing...

one cervix!

I’ve just been for a cervical smear test, feeling very smug with myself cos I’d been putting it off (for years to be honest) as it had got so painful. I discussed everything with the nurse beforehand: previous painful tests, my ileostomy and the removal of large intestine, and that on the ct scan it had been noted that I had an “anteverted retroflexed uterus” (it tilts backward). This is why they had been so painful!

The nurse did say that as there was now more room inside, everything could have moved about, well it couldn’t be found 🔍!!

She’s referred me to the doctor, who’ll then refer me to a gynaecologist, what fun!! 🤪
I’m not feeling too worried as I hope that if there was any problem, it would show in ct scans or the regular blood tests?

On a lighter note: Apparently, according to the original ct scan, my ovaries are “unremarkable “! I think I take exception to that !!! 😂

Anyone had similar experience please?
Wendy :x::x:


What joy ! @greyhound gal Just nature piling on more anxiety...Bring it on ! !
Cath :x::x:


Dear @greyhound gal , yes, I'm the same- backward tilting uterus (and felt labour only in my back as a result) and have found the cervical smear very painful since the menopause. I reported for the last one at age 65 and it hurt like hell and they did not get enough cells and so wanted me to repeat it. I'm afraid I refused. I discussed it with the GP and the incidence of cancer at that age is so low and I'd had a lifetime of clear tests so I felt I wasn't going through it again- but they badgered me for ages over it really before giving up.


Hello @greyhound gal, how bizarre! I hope the other appointment goes well.
Just a point, a cervical smear is looking for cervical abnormalities and will usually be nothing to do with your “unremarkable” ovaries in terms of screening (sorry if I am telling you the obvious!)
My ovaries were labelled ‘unremarkable’ on my scan report too 😳😁


Hello @greyhound gal. Yes I can relate to this. A few years ago, before my Bowel cancer diagnosis & treatment, I reluctantly went for a smear, having avoided it for some time for the same reasons as you. The practice nurse was unable to complete the test as she couldn’t find my cervix & caused me a lot of pain while trying. I was referred to a specialist gynae. nurse at the local hospital & given oestrogen cream to use before my appointment. The specialist nurse was lovely, completed the test with no problems & a minimum of discomfort for me. She also said that due to my age, a history of clear smears & no other risk factors, that it was not essential for me to have further smears.

It has often irked me that GPs seem to nag women in their 50s & 60s to have smears but uncompleted bowel cancer screening tests go unnoticed.

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Hey @greyhound gal i have exactly the same tilted uterus 🙄 I was absolutely dreading my smear!! After operations, radiotherapy, ileostomy reversal and early menopause its a car crash in there 🤔 So i booked a double appointment and explained i may be "awkward" (my husband has been telling me this for years 🤪😂) Anyway she was lovely, took her time and was extremely gentle, at 1st she said she couldnt find mine 😳 then decided it was a little line instead of circular shape, it was a good guess as my results came back clear :x::x:


@greyhound gal did you ask the nurse if she had accidentally moved it out of place 🤔. After all you’ve been through, this is the “unremarkable “ one! ‘Hope your appointment with the gynaecologist makes it easier and you get the all clear!


Hi @greyhound gal
(Your last shred of dignity has finally gone!!) Hope the next round of appointments is satisfyingly unremarkable.

Like @Gypsy, my latest battle is refusing yet another fruitless rummage. If only they had been half as keen to screen for bowel cancer in the over 50s as they are for cervical cancer! I have checked the statistics, given my age and history, and the risks are hugely different.


@greyhound gal - snap! Practice nurse couldn't find mine at the last smear test. After rummaging around for some time she had to call in her more experienced colleague. She struggled at first then found it, and agreed that perhaps my insides had redesigned themselves! It was a tad more uncomfortable and I'm not looking forward to the next one :)



This exact thing has been on my mind.... I'm due smear in August. I also have a tilted uterus. I had my 3rd baby 18 months ago by c-section and then an anterior resection 14 months ago. I have have been worried that the nurse won't be able to find my Cervix. Please excuse my ignorance but does an anterior resection dramatically change things down there with regards to cervix?
I'm thinking of going straight to my GP who does deal with gynae issues rather than the nurse... Just wondering if this is reasonable to request? 🙈 :x::x::x::x:

greyhound gal

Hi @LWJ81, I think it’s a perfectly reasonable request. 👍
As soon as I told the nurse about having my Bowel removed she said they’d be a good chance that my cervix would be difficult to find, plenty of room now for everything to shift around! She said that she wouldn’t spend too long searching, and when I said it was hurting she stopped straight away, thankfully !!

greyhound gal

Dear @Gypsy, @Clarissa, @Sparkles, @Lizalou, @Terrish, @LWJ81, well we’re all a bit tilted! Apparently 20% of women are, you’d think there’d be a better procedure? If men had to have it done...No, won’t go there!
I’m 55, never had a bad result and since they’ll be every 5 years now, this may well be my last one too, but I’ll wait and see how it goes with gynaecologist. I just hope it’ll be okay like your one @Clarissa🤞
Thank you for your replies @KatieR , @bettebette, @jj xx. I’m more than happy to have ‘unremarkable ‘ ovaries! I’d like everything in my body to be just the same 🤔
It does seem wrong that there is so much pressure for cervical screening but not for Bowel screening!
Best wishes to you all for a good day 😘
Love Wendy :x::x::x:


Thanks @greyhound gal!
I'll definitely ask GP instead of nurse!
I hope that all will be ok with yours!
Completely agree about bowel screening!

greyhound gal

I take back my sexist comment, on reflection men do have a prostrate exam which can’t be very comfortable!