Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Sudden onset of right shoulder pain

My partner is due big bowel and liver op on 19 June but has had onset of right shoulder pain in the last few days a dull persistent ache he has called Acute oncology who are calling him back in 20 mins but I’m so scared. He said it’s the exact same shoulder pain as just before his diagnosis. I’m petrified it has all grown whilehe stopped treatment for surgery (which was cancelled in Italy then rescheduled much later than we hoped) so so scared and sad


Take a few deep breaths. I know how scary it can be for the partner, the first thing that comes to our mind, it’s spread. Don’t get rattled, just think that you are going to support your partner and kick the cancer out. Lots of hugs


Hope you are getting some nice straightforward answers @jandals , nothing worse than not knowing and fearing the worst. Thinking of you both :x::x:


Thank you @jj @Lizalou he got through to Acute oncology on phone who said it’s unlikely to have spread as it’s just 4 weeks since last cetuximab and unlikely to spread that fast (is that true? He’s only on cetux not folfiri) they advised right dosage of ibuprofen and said they would get his team to call (they haven’t and this was hours ago) but m is much happier in himself and now doing things to take his mind off it guess less pain as on ibuprofen. I am still worried though...


By the way the surgery was not cancelled in Italy but cancelled initially! Not so glamorous...


Ok just heard from the team they want him to have an urgent scan tomorrow. Relieved at the speed with which they take this seriously but also concerned if it means stopping the operation!!! Argh so annoyed our initial date was cancelled as we could be on the other side of the op by now...


Good luck with the scan tomorrow @jandals, it is good to get it so quickly. Fingers crossed that it’s nothing that will stop the operation. :x::x::x:

greyhound gal

Good luck for tomorrow @jandals, try to relax this evening, no second guessing what’s going on, you’ll find out soon enough 👍, hopefully nothing to delay the operation :x::x:

Sarah Morgan

@jandals, my husband had the same (he also has disease in liver) but it turned out to be unrelated & was something called calcific tendonitis :x::x:


@jandals so sorry you have this worry, it’s never ending I know. My husband slept for 2 hours on the sofa this afternoon and I immediately thought ‘it’s cancer creeping back’ but then realised he had an hour at the gym this morning then he had some golf practice for 2 hours this afternoon so of course he’s knackered - he’s 63!!!! If the Big C hadn’t entered our life I’d have thought nothing of it. Good luck with everything - love and hugs :x::x::x::x:


Thank you @ElaineG :x::x:


So sorry to hear your news. It must be worrying for you but hopefully the scan will go well tomorrow. Waiting for results I feel is the worst feeling in the world. Good luck and take care both of you. :x::x::x:


We just got the news this evening that there has been a little bit of growth in his liver but not anywhere else from what they can see. I am so upset we thought we were binning this. Is there a chance they may still do it anyway? We had a date for 14 May but they cancelled on us I can’t help but feel we would’ve been rid of it if they hadn’t cancelled... m feels so upset but he’s at work and can’t really deal with it. Finishes at 11pm guessing we will have a good cry then.

terri m

Thinking of you both @jandals .. So sorry to hear this news.. Maybe a good cry first & then a plan to do something
extra nice when this hurdle is out the way .. Hoping that hubbie gets the best outcome.. Love & hugs to you :x::x::x: