Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

My mummy hero

Mums oncologist

So we seen the consultant 2day so disappointed he didn want 2 give my mum any chemo as dosnt think it’s worth it he didn examine her of nothing she has not had treatment since Sep 17 and has been great since but now has symptoms she is 74 I’m so upset feel like he is writing her off Any advice would b great


hi @My mummy hero. I would get a second opinion. We had a similar situation with a new oncologist. She even had our dad written off before even seeing him. So we changed back to spealized hospital that are more caring for our dad and more positive about his treatment. Maybe ask spealist nurse over chemo about your concerns.

My mummy hero

Thanku I’m heartbroken she has so much fight in her and feel like it’s just well ur age is 74 no use trying we no she isn’t cureable we have accepted tht but he didn even want her having chemo said it will make her worse I’m just so frustrated


Hi @My mummy hero , it makes me so cross, I bet they won’t think they’re passed it when they reach 70! Definitely go for second opinion, if anything your lovely mum needs hope. Chemo may make her worse but she still needs the choice!

Sarah :x:

My mummy hero

I totally agree she is got so much fight in her and has come thro so much :x::x:


@My mummy hero , definitely get a second opinion. There are lots of people on here who have done it and can advise where to go. Love to you and your Mum.:x::x::x::x::x:

My mummy hero

Thanku any advice would b great just feel so let down by it she has so much fight in her so who is he 2 say otherwise :x: