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What a weird disease

When it starts seems the while kitchen sink is chucked at you the blood, MRI, CT Cat Scans, more bloods, then the specialist nurses , then the equipment like Stoma bags etc. Then the operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and not forgetting the check up and the pent up stuff happening in your body. This is not just happening to you as the other half is suffering just the same with additional questions they have like you. Then a little thing happens and your told not to pannick but deep down you are. Then the results come in and it's bad news so you try coping a different way being practical in helping the situation along.
Bad day yesterday nearly helped it along.

Thanks for listening.

George :x::x::x:


@george1960 hope you are ok George today?
Sending you kind thoughts xxx and hope :x::x::x:


So sorry to hear that you had a horrible day yesterday @george1960, take very good care, Kim :x:


I think it is the fact that it is unrelenting, we never get a break, as soon as we have recovered from one issue, they throw something else at us. So we never get the chance to catch up and gather our strength.

Thinking of you and your partner today :x::x:


@george1960 sorry to hear you had a wrotten day, hope the sunshine has lifted you and your partners spirits a bit today,
Gentle hugs :x::x::x:


Hope you are ok @george1960
I've had a few shitty days like that recently. They are not nice, sending hugs. :x: :x: :x:


@george1960 never mind - we all get these days. Lets hope things improve. At least my tomato plants are growing!
best wishes to you both and all your family.


So sorry to read this @george1960 we were hoping we had got off the roller coaster, but nope, we are back on it!! Always fear and worry. Sending you the biggest hug and hoping tomo is a better day :x::x::x:


@george1960 sending love to you ... Annie :x::x::x:


Hi @george1960 I hope things are better today for you, this can be rotten can’t it? How are things?

Sarah :x:


Hello @george1960
Sorry to hear it was a really sh**** day (excuse my French) for you and your OH. All of us here understand what you are going through, as we have had plenty of days like this and I do hope that tomorrow will see you bouncing back with more determination to fight back and not let this cancer get the better of you.
Hugs and best wishes


Thinking of you @george1960 . Hope you are feeling a bit better today. :x::x:


Hello @george1960 hope you are feeling brighter today. Sending lots of good wishes :x::x::x:


@justhope @Lirio345 @Polly 1 @Lizalou @Salgal @1234annie @Hans @charleyb @Sasa @annie50C @jj @penjay1902 @bettebette
Guys and Girls had another little break done my other and myself the best recovery in the world every thing looks normal as it can be
But I have got to say to you fantastic people a big thank you cos you all help me so much in being there if it's advice, help , or make me see a different perspective, and sometimes the thanks I give back doesn't seem anoth. Think what I have learnt is how do single young , how do older People cope manage with this illness i have such respect for you.

Live every day love hugs and the best to everyone fighting to live.

George xxxx♥️♥️♥️♥️


God Bless @george1960 . It is great to read of some light and loveliness enjoyed by you in the midst of so much that you are going through. Here is to more of the same. Love Gypsyxx


Morning @george1960 so pleased you managed to have a break. This disease can be totally overwhelming at times, and this is when we need support from others, especially from those going or having gone through the same. We will always be here for each other, and that’s fantastic. Love to you both Diane :x::x:


Good to hear you have had a break @george1960 and you are feeling better.
Very good wishes to you :x::x:


@Gypsy @DianeS @bettebette never Mind god bless you I bless you with hugs light and loads and loads of laughter that's a must in my world and if course loads and loads of love


George :x::x::x:


@george1960 so pleased to hear from you, and even more so now that you have had a break and sounds like you feel refreshed and ready again. In my short time on the forum compared to many others, what I realise is that members hold the space and the person until they are ready to do the holding either for themselves or for someone else who is spent at that time....May you be surrounded with laughter including your own :x::x::x: