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Dad on his way out

Hi All.
Feeling a bit down today. My dad has been on chemo for 4 years due to secondary lung cancer from kidney cancer.
He has said his chemo is wrecking his life so is giving up. He told me at the weekend he should just about see this year out if he's lucky.
Hes only 62.


So sorry to read this @EssexDan especially with your own battles going on, gentle hugs to you :x::x:


Sorry to read this @EssexDan this happened to my dad thinking about you take care


Good luck with the meeting @EssexDan thinking of you it must be very difficult xxx Annie :x::x::x:


Best wishes to you and your dad for the oncology meeting @EssexDan.
Sending some positive vibrations :x::x::x:


Thanks all.
I spoke to Dad this morning and he is now saying that the oncologist has mentioned immunotherapy?


Hi @EssexDan
My friend's husband has had a great response with immunotherapy (for an entirely different cancer). The only side effect was a few days of tiredness every fortnight and, after just a few months, the secondary growth near his liver has completely gone. Hope your dad has the opportunity to give it a try.

Best wishes to you both


@EssexDan my brother had this and the side effects were virtually nil...there is hope!! Keep hoping, keep positive, stay light. :x::x::x::x:


That's great news @EssexDan . I wish your Dad all the very best with his new treatment and thinking of you. :x::x::x::x::x:


hi @EssexDan I’m sorry you dad and you are going through this, never give up hope, sending you strength and hugs to you both to get through this :x::x:


@EssexDan best wishes hopefully for the new plan of treatment :x:


Hello @EssexDan wishing you and dad all the best hugs :x::x::x:

Kate M

@EssexDan Sorry to hear you are feeling down. Great news that the onc has mentioned immunology -fingers crossed for you all. KateM :x::x:


Hi All, Dad has stopped all chemo now and is doing ok. He has an oncology appt end of next week to discuss the immunotherapy route.


Hi Dan,

Sorry for the delay, and sorry to read this - thinking of you and your family. But I'm glad that there is the possibility of a new treatment plan, and hope the appointment goes well next week :x:


Hi @EssexDan I’m so pleased that there is a possibility for immunotherapy. Wishing your dad good luck for his appointment. Fingers crossed :x::x:


Hi @EssexDan just seen this , sorry that your dad has had such a bad time with chemo for 4 years. But I am also glad that he hasn’t given up hope and is going to try a new therapy. It must be so difficult to make that decision, but think about it, he is actually showing his finger to cancer, to say he is going to go out on his own terms. Praying that he will get better with immunotherapy and that it be gentler to him than his previous chemotherapy.


Update on this - he has a CT scan this week and is meeting oncologist next week to discuss the immunotherapy.


@EssexDan hoping that things will look up for your dad now. All the best. :x::x::x:


Best of luck for your dads meeting @EssexDan keeping my fingers crossed for you both :x::x::x::x: