Stage 4 bowel cancer


Not quite sunk in but good news

Wanted to post a positive story, heard confirmation today from our bowel surgeon that after the liver and bowel surgery my partner now is as the surgeon said ‘disease free... ‘we never thought this possible.
For all of you diagnosed at stage 4 my partner had mets in liver, mediastinal mets, peritoneal lesions etc and he was told many times that he would be and remain inoperable and incurable.
Remember please you are not a statistic... we are told it’s likely to return at some stage but then we were also told inoperable so kicking the ball in the long grass was and is what we wanted to try and do. I feel strangely sad and happy all at once and it hasn’t sunk in but I wish all of you amazing people the very very best... ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions... we are so glad we did... xxxx thank you for your support :x::x::x:


This is brilliant news @jandals .... so lovely to read this morning :x::x::x::x:


Fantastic news😀


Fab thanks :x::x::x::x:


Virtually same with my husband. After devastating stage 4 diagnosis and nothing could be done, he's clear. BeenThrough the mill and out other side. He's high risk of a return so keeping check on him. Don't give up hope... Ever.


@jandals great to hear this news. Now start looking for roses to smell! All the very best to you and your partner for the future. Both of you have been through the mill and come out the other end, refined, polished and ready to appreciate even the little things that life has to offer.
All the very best and big hugs to your partner and you


Great to hear @jandals! I’m similar - dx feb 18, spread to liver and peritoneum and inoperable incurable... so thanks for giving me hope! :x::x:


Fantastic news @jandals 😃😃😃:x::x:


Brilliant news @jandals we always have to stay hopeful :x::x:


What a relief this must be for you all. Lovely, positive news @jandals. C.:x:


This is fantastic news @jandals. So happy for you both! :x::x:


Excellent news so lovely to read this.
Take care of yourself and well done! @jandals .😘:x::x:

El Ivan

Brilliant news @jandals 😃


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Apologies if I missed anyone but really so appreciate all your lovely comments! I have had so much support and relief from hearing others good news its nice to share that despite a few ups and downs actually it’s all going well at the moment. Waiting to hear results of scan next week (yikes) but hopefully it will confirm it’s in the bin... waiting for him to gain weight before deciding on chemo and next steps now but bowel behaving better and eating most foods again! Xx thanks again you lovely lot :x::x::x:


Great news :x:


great news! and good luck next week @jandals :D

Bear G

Fab news @jandals, and yet another great reminder that lots of us are defying the odds!


That’s such good news @jandals, wishing you luck for the scan results, love D :x::x:


Loads of luck with your scan next week @jandals :x::x::x::x:


@jandals that’s great news and will be praying for good results for the scan.


I'll have everything crossed for a good scan result @jandals! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Lots of love

Karen 💛❤️💙💚💜