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Hello everyone

Thank you to everyone who contributes on the forum, it has been a comfort and great help as my operation nears and the anxiety levels are very high. I am due for a lower anterior ileostomy, I think it's called, on Tuesday. I have to take picolax on Monday and it states supper between 7 and 9 pm and no solid food after 12 lunchtime. I am unsure whether I can drink water after 9 pm, pr nothing therafter, if anyone has had the same, I would welcome advice.
It did state on the original notification of my operation, I could drink water until 7 am, but was given the different sheet at the pre op assessment.

Thank you again and good wishes to all. :x:


[quote]Quote from @jj:
@Poppies, as others have said, here’s a warm welcome to a forum you never wished to be a member of, however this has been a life support, even though I have only been here for about 4 months. So please do use us to help you get through your rough times, and join us in laughter in your good times. We welcome both and the in between too.
Wishing you all the very best for the surgery and look forward to hearing from you

Thank you JJ, I appreciate you taking the time, it is a huge support on here.
Take care too :x:


Best wishes for your prep today and your surgery tomorrow @Poppies . It is such a horrible time but you are nearly there. Do something nice today and enjoy the sunshine (well, it's sunny and fresh, a lovely day here so I hope you are lucky too.) :x:


Best wishes for a smooth journey with your surgery @Poppies. I'm one week after my surgery and I am going home tomorrow, and it is challenging but has to be done. I'm sure you'll be fine!


Good morning @Poppies and a warm welcome to the forum from me too!!m

I hope you manage to get a reply regarding your pre-op prep today. Wishing you all the very best with the surgery tomorrow. We'll all be sitting on the sidelines rooting for you! Let us know how things go when you're able.

Lots of love



Thank you all so much for all the positivity and good wishes, back at ya, you amazing people!

I will be in touch as soon as I am able after the op.

Can't thank you all enough :) :x:


Hi @Poppies,
No need to post if you’re not ready. Just wanted to say; I hope your surgery went smoothly for you and I hope you are now recovering slowly but surely. Sending love your way 😘 :x::x:


Hi everyone, post op one week and hopefully going tomorrow. Developed UTI, long history of recurring infections, not related, but another thing to deal with, so apologies for the long absence.
Surgeons are amazing aren’t they!

For anyone facing the op, it’s daunting for sure, trust in their skilful caring hands and it really does get easier by the day!

Big hugs everyone for being there :x:


Lovely to hear from you @Poppies, and hope your recovery is now without any further hiccups, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


@Poppies glad you're feeling ok. When you get home take it easy. Take up the offers of help :x::x::x::x::x:


Lovely to hear from you @Poppies- here's to you getting home!:x::x:


Great news @Poppies

Hopefully you'll get home tomorrow however, if not, just take advantage of the rest!

Lots of love

Karen 💚💛💙❤️💜


Been looking out for you posting @Poppies. So glad all went well...other than a few blips. Hope you get home tomorrow, rest up and recover well. C.:x:


Hope your recuperation is going well @Poppies . :x::x:


@mem @sarahz @Gypsy@Lirio345 @Lizalou @Carrie@Baxter2 Thank you all, I hope I haven't missed anyone. It's lovely being home, first day alone with "Stormin Norman" trying a bit of reverse psycholgy there!
Enough of me, I hope you are all doing okay?
So lovely of you all, your support is priceless. Hugs all :x::x::x:


@Poppies great news. Hope you are resting up at home letting “Stormin Nirman” do it’s job! Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Hi @Poppies I’m afraid I’m late in welcoming you to our forum. So pleased your surgery is over and you are safely back at home with your new ‘friend’. Hope recovery goes well for you, love D :x::x:


Hi @DianeS, thank you it's appreciated :x:


Thank you @jj we are getting plenty of rest.

Take care, kind regards, P :x:


@Poppies been reading your posts you seem to be doing really well, I love the name stormin Nirman take care and continue with good health :x::x:


Thanks@justhope, I am relieved the op is over, waiting for the histology reports now and adapting to a new lifestyle, not with ease, but with positivity.

Sending you some positive vibes, keep with that vital component you have "hope" Px