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Just A hello

Well 2018 was a bad year, Diagnosed with Diabetes in February, started having problems going which I put down to my new & improved diet but very soon had to visit the DR as things did not improve.
Dr suspected internal hemaroid but referred be anyway just to be sure (Well done Dr)
Consultant said "I dont like the feel of that" one of the top 4 phrases you dont want to hear from a medical professional along with "I am afraid this is goint to hurt", "oops" & "has anynoe seen my watch" ;).
went for Colonoscopy @ the beginning of August but surgeon could not get beyond the 1st 4 cm because of the blockage.
Told "I have taken samples but that is pretty academic, if the come back benign I have not taken representative samples it WILL be cancer".
CT scan & MRI Scans within days!
spent the next 2 weeks thinking the worst.
saw Surgeon again & told cancer had not spread , huge sense of relief.
told I would require Radiotherapy & chemotherapy to reduce the tumour (6 CM circumferential & 4 CM in IIRC) and offered a loop colostomy as a precaution against getting a blockage.
op following Wednesday & out on the same Friday, keyhole surgery is fantastic!

Radiotherapy in October followed by 3 months of chemo then more scans.
Told that tumour had responded well but due to location I would have to lose my rectum & anus so stoma would become permanent (I guess a simple choice "Kiss my Arse Goodbye" or "Kiss my Arse Goodbye").
the op took place in April results good (stage 2, 2 out of 10 lympnodes showing signs")
Oncologist says no need for further treatment & he hope he never sees me again (I don't think I did anything to upset him).
Just long term regular checks & another colonoscapy @ the end of august.
2019 looking like it is going to be a much better year.

Sorry for the war & peace & I guess you can see I have maintained a +ve sense of humour.
All the best to everyone else facing this condition (not good luck because you DO NOT want luck to be playing any part in it).

Polly 1

Hi @Alister ~waves~
Thanks for posting the info about your treatments/procedures etc - it all helps others - and so glad to hear all is going OK. Love your sense of humour as well :) :x:


Gosh you have been through a lot @Alister , warm welcome from me too! Sorry you have had to join us but welcome to a lovely forum :x::x:


Hi @Alister and welcome to the forum!

What a lovely introductory post but boy, what a rocky road you've had! Great to see you have a wicked sense of humour too! I also hope you never have to see your lovely oncologist ever again too!

Best wishes,

Karen 💚💙❤️💜💛


Welcome @Alister. I'm new-ish myself. Sounds like you've had some journey, but good to hear all is going well. C.:x:


Thank you all, I don't think the road was that rocky.
Apart from the initial diagnosis which is obviously something no-one wants I thought everything else went really smoothly.
Each stage moved on from the next with no unnecessary delays & all of the medical professionals I encountered were fantastic.
whenever I hear about problems with the NHS I find them very hard to believe, perhaps I am just in one of the good areas.


Welcome to the Sense and Sensibility section of this forum @Alister 🤔. Glad that 2019 looks a lot better than 2018 and even sounds better as you didn’t get to have the last word with your oncologist!
Great sense of humour and glad to note that you are doing well despite having kissed your ar** goodbye. Much easier now that you can actually see the new hole from which you get rid of all the crap.😀
All the very best.

Glad that 2019 looks a lot better than 2018 and even sounds better as you didn’t get to have the last word with your oncologist!

in a way I did, i said Likewise (at least not in a professional capacity)" :)


Welcome @Alister . Your story is extremely similar to mine except that your surgery was a year ago and mine was last week. Glad to read your post as I'm having a hard time getting out of hospital due to infection, so you have reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Loved your sense of humour too, we can all do with a laugh.


No mine was this year April 2019
Sorry to hear about the infection, I had antibiotics for about a week & managed to escape just over a week after the op (2 days After my Birthdaty IIRC).
It definitely gets better as things progress. Saving a small fortune on toilet paper :)


Hello and welcome to forum from me too @Alister ☺️ :x::x: