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Marie Curie Benefits Petition

Good afternoon all,

I came across this petition and have checked with BCUK that it's ok to post.

As this is often a hot topic on the forum, I wondered if you would have a read and consider adding your signature to this petition and share as you wish.

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Karen πŸ’œπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š





Diane Marie

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I've signed the petition but hope to do more about the denial of sickness benefits. Many sick and disabled people are being denied money to live. Some die shortly after and some kill themselves as a direct result. Who can forget the photo of an emaciated man who had an ileostomy amongst several conditions, who was told he was fit for work. He died soon after his story was in the press.

Much of the media was responsible for spreading lies that many people were working the system; in fact there wasn't any truth in this. Such is the power of the press that many still believe it. If you had paranoid schizophrenia you wouldn't broadcast it - yet many fall for the 'woman down the road with nothing wrong with her' nonsense.

It's astonishing that this is going on. There are some campaigns against this. I don't belong to any party but will support anyone who'd stop this. Labour originally gave the Work Capability Assessments to a private firm and started this.

I had an assessment for PIP recently; it was humiliating and unnecessary. In addition to cancer I have asthma that's got much worse and an undiagnosed cough. I had to sit and talk about all my issues with getting to the toilet, the pain of trapped wind, constipation and diarrhoea, the constant wheeze and coughing etc. It's obvious this makes it hard to hold down a job or even to travel to work.


I agree with you about the wider issues @belinda66 It's all so unfair.

I particularly care about those in our situation as I read about issues around this often on the forum.

Best wishes to you and thank you for your reply.



It's signed, and a thumbs up from me,:x::x:


Thankyou for highlighting this Karen. I’ve signed :x::x:


Signed - thanks Karen :x:


All done, thank you! :x::x:


Bringing this back up for everyone to look at.

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