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Donna Crickmar

Hi Newbie here

Hello everyone
Thought I'd join and tell you my story.
It all started back in April after a day out with my daughter. My tummy was bloated and uncomfortable and I put it down to IBS which I sometimes got if I ate the wrong thing. went to bed early with a pain in my left side and a temp. it was uncomfortable during the night and the pain was so bad it took me 2 hours to get up. I called hubby who was at work in London to come home and I called 111. they sent a paramedic to me who said I should go to a&e.
Hubby home so he took me. GP at hosp didn't like how tender my side was so referred me to the surgical assessment unit. Doc saw me and kept me in.
I stayed in for 2 days on antibiotics had a CT scan and went home with a follow up for colonoscopy. They said it could be diverticulitis or colitis. Pain went after another week and I was told to stay on a low fat low fibre diet, which I did.
Fast forward to 19 June when I had colonoscopy. doc asked to see me and my hubby after and told us it was a tumour he'd found and chances were it was cancer.
The following week I had another CT scan (on my 50th birthday!) Then back to hospital the week after where consultant confirmed it was definitely cancer (although I think we knew anyway). There was then a PET CT scan, another CT scan and I had surgery on 25 July to remove the left side of my bowel.
Those 6 weeks were all a bit of a blur and the hardest bit was telling my children and friends and family.
So here I am now 11 days post surgery and not sure what is going to happen next?!!???
That's my story


Hi @Donna Crickmar
I bet you feel a bit shell-shocked after such an eventful few weeks, but it's great that things were sorted out relatively soon. There's nothing like a significant medical event happening on a significant anniversary. ...my operation was on my 25th wedding anniversary!

How are you feeling now? I hope you feel you are recovering slowly but surely from what was major surgery. Have you been told yet of your staging and whether you will be advised chemo? That will be the next milestone.

Don't forget to keep a little diary of your diet, activity levels etc so that you can see your progress week by week.

Any questions...please ask. Any whinges.....we all understand. All the best :x:

Donna Crickmar

Hi @Lizalou
Yes it was a shock but I'm very much "right let's just get on with this and do it".
Spending a lot of time sitting around but getting up and walking around when I can. Took a ride out on Saturday but that caught up with me yesterday so know I need to take things slower than I'd like!! I'm not used to doing nothing.
I've got to wait for results to find out what stage and whether chemo will be necessary.
Many thanks for your response :x: :x:

Colin Oscar Pea

Don't be despondent if they recommend chemo. It is often belt and braces and a way of lowering the risk of recurrence.

Donna Crickmar

It was mentioned that may be the case. Just another waiting game now


Good morning @Donna Crickmar. Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure that you have worked out that clicking on someone’s username reveals their story as well.

I’m expect you are still processing things but I love your attitude of ‘let’s get on with it’ and if you do have chemo seeing it as your ally if you can will definitely help. I am guessing also you will have seen the Charity’s publications (top right hand corner) which can really help to fill in some gaps if necessary.

The waiting game can be excruciating can’t it, but it is a feature of this whole cancer business, and I think we all try to develop coping mechanisms of keeping very busy and doing one day at a time. Please stay in touch and take very good care, Kim :x:


Dear @Donna Crickmar .Wishing you a continuing gentle and steady recovery. At least you have a little bit of breathing space now as you can't start any proposed chemo until fully healed. Hopefully they will tell you quite soon if they are going to recommend it. You' ve come through the surgery- well done!! :x:


Hi @Donna Crickmar so sorry you have found it necessary to join our forum, bu you will find it such a big help to you and will answer any questions you may have, but also it takes away that feeling of being alone. It is a huge shock to be told you have cancer, your world suddenly turns upside down, and you can’t help but wonder why.
None of us that answer, but the forum is a great place to share your experiences and find ways of coping with some of the things you May find in the future.
So pleased you have come through the surgery and wishing you lots of luck for the next stage.
Remember we are always here for you. Love Diane :x::x:


Hi @Donna Crickmar and another warm welcome to the forum from me!

I can see you've already had some lovely welcomes and replies. The forum is full of friendly, knowledgable and supportive people who will be more than willing to offer a listening ear, help with questions and share their experiences. You're in good company here!

I'm so glad you've already had surgery and are now recovering at home. It is a difficult period too as you're left wondering what the future will look like. We've all been there and can relate to this!

Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery


Donna Crickmar

Hello @Baxter2 @DianeS @Gypsy @Lirio345
Thank you all for your lovely messages. At the moment I'm looking forward to being able to get out and about a bit more but luckily I have a fab network of friends who are visiting and keeping me sane. Disappointed that I had to cancel all my holidays for the summer and all the plans I had over the coming months to celebrate my 50th but it means I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday well into my 51st 😁😁.


Dear @Donna Crickmar , the birthday celebration will be that bit more special when it comes and also, something to plan for and look forward to!!
Lots of love, :x::x::x::x::x: