Life with bowel cancer


I pray this isn’t what I’m thinking

I had my telephone follow up appointment with my oncologist a couple of weeks ago, and he reported NED. However, he said I have cysts on my ovaries, and he said not to worry, it’s nothing urgent, but as one is quite large (5cm) he would like me to have an ultrasound in October, at my next appointment.
However naughty me started the fatal Googling, and now I wish I hadn’t. I’m 62, and an ovarian cyst of that size in a post menopausal woman is not always a good sign. I therefore approached my insurers to see if I could get an ultrasound privately, as my oncologist is now on paternity leave.
His secretary wrote my insurers a letter and it stated bilateral adnexal cystic masses, seen on previous scans also, but have now grown slightly. Ultrasound and CA125 required to see if malignant or benign. I can’t understand why my consultant wouldn’t have seen this as urgent and was prepared to wait until October.
I have always been a bit concerned about right hand pain which has steadily got worse, I now have an urgency to rush to the loo for a wee, and back ache all the time. On google these are typical ovarian cancer symptoms.
My ultrasound is on Tuesday, but I’ve had sleepless nights and can’t stop worrying. So scared this is a new cancer.
Diane :x::x:


@DianeS , my lovely lady your poor mind must be on override!!!
We are all crossing every thing for you,
Lots of love :x::x::x::x:


I feel for you Diane - worry and anxiety is just horrendous when you are in this cancer world. I can understand the sleepless nights. I hope Tuesday comes quickly for you and your mind can be put at rest. We are in the middle of waiting for scan results, I can't stop my mind going into overdrive and my husband is tossing and turning drenched in sweat each night. Wishing you luck and lots of love - Elaine :x::x:


Thinking of you @DianeS ...hopefully once you’ve had the ultra sound your mind will be put at rest ...lots of love :x::x:


Hi @1234annie I sometimes don’t feel like I know what I’m talking after being on Google as it says a PET/CT is not useful to pick up ovarian cancer. I thought the body scans were to show cancer anywhere in the body, but apparently you need an ultrasound for ovarian cancer :x::x:


Thank you @Trinity @ElaineG @sweetcheeks @Baxter2 @Lizalou @charleyb and @Helen. I really feel like someone is trying to get me at the mo. Opened a letter from the Imperial College Hospital advising me that I have an appointment at The Nephrology Unit in the Hammersmith Hospital with a consultant called Andrew Frankel, he is a kidney specialist. There is no other explanation in the letter. 😢😢😢


And these things are always at the weekend when you can't phone up and demand an answer! I really feel for you :x::x:


Oh @DianeS! Isn't it bloomin typical to receive these kinds of letters on a Saturday! I'm guessing you've been referred because of the urinary issues you mentioned in your post above? It sounds like your consultant is being thorough in this case but that doesn't really help to allay your fears!

Perhaps make a to do list for phone calls on Monday morning when hopefully you can find out more? I do wonder if it would be helpful to meet with a colleague of your oncologists if you can in his absence? I'm very lucky in that my Onc always says to contact him if ever I need to when he's on leave and has emailed and called me from his holidays in Florida in the past! ! He's pretty amazing mind you and the opposite end of the spectrum from my very first nightmare Onc!!

I really feel for you and hope you manage to keep yourself as busy and distracted as you can until Monday.

Loads of love

Karen 💛💜💙❤️💚


Hi @DianeS Yes it’s probably that you mentioned Back ache and loo visits ... as @Baxter2 says prob being thorough ... good news in some ways he’s appears to be connecting symptoms to maybe a kidney infection or something rather than ovary related ? But think it’s wrong they send these letters for the weekend 🤨hope Monday brings reassurance xxx Annie :x::x::x::x:

Quote from @DianeS:
Hi @1234annie I sometimes don’t feel like I know what I’m talking after being on Google as it says a PET/CT is not useful to pick up ovarian cancer. I thought the body scans were to show cancer anywhere in the body, but apparently you need an ultrasound for ovarian cancer

Really??!! Thats so confusing isnt it!! My new tumor on outside of bowel is laying near ovary and small bowel so I'm having a full hysterectomy and resect small bowel too. When I saw the guy up in London he dropped the bomb shell that he thought my other ovary was involved too but this is not what Frimley told me. I've had bad bad periods since having the kids and after chemo they were still bad which I told my Frimley consultant along with bad pain trying to go 💩 when I had it but it was dismissed because CT was supposedly clear (which I know now was wrong). I've not had an ultrasound, only PET CT and MRI. Frimley consultant said PET only showed cancer in lesion outside bowel so like you I feel none the wiser?! :x: :x:
Has your CEA been ok? Mine only crept up to 1.8 from 0.8 but somehow I've got all this cancer.... I don't get it 😔
I know they say CEA is not a good indicator but mine was raised prior so it is for me. I hope you get clarification soon. They have bunged be straight on chemo, so if it works I won't know what cancer I had where. Annie :x:


Hi @DianeS , sorry to read your news and hope that Tuesday brings positive news. Don't Dr Google it's a scary read and you don't need that. Sending you love and courage for Tuesday and I've got everything crossed for a positive outcome :x::x::x:


Hello @DianeS I have an idea that almost any ‘answer’ can be found on Google, it’s almost irresistible isn’t it 😳
Sending you lists of positive vibes for Tues (and for beforehand) :x::x::x:

terri m

I will be thinking of you & hoping your news is good Tuesday.. 💕😘


Thinking of you and good luck :x::x:


Hello @DianeS

Just to wish you good luck for Tuesday...…..hugs :x::x::x:


@DianeS, hope you are ok, wishing you all the best for tomorrow.:x::x:


Hi @DianeS, Sorry to hear your news but keeping fingers crossed for a positive outcome. :x::x:

El Ivan

Best of luck @DianeS for a positive outcome :x:


Thinking of you today @DianeS :x::x:


Thinking of you @DianeS :x::x:


Hope today goes well for you :x::x::x:
I had a solid cyst the size of a grapefruit removed at the same time as my anterior resection that was assumed to be spread ... turned out to be completely benign in histology :x::x::x: