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Poorly differentiated cells

This is what is nagging at me...... after excellent news. So, is there anyone out there who was also stage 1, had surgery, told curative, had no chemo, but who also had poorly differentiated cells. I would be interested to know how long since surgery etc. I am a born worrier and can't let go of this as poorly differentiated cells meant poor prognosis to me.... I should be grateful with the diagnosis I know but a lifetime of worst case scenarios hitting me from out of nowhere means I am having to re-learn how to be positive. Actually having some counselling, very helpful, from the Wessex Cancer Trust so grateful to them. Thanks.


Having a future is what we all what and you have that gift with 90 off % chance of survival for stage 1. Mine was advanced stage 3 with poorly diff cells and now it's come back so my future isn't looking to good. Atm if I get another few years with my kids (11&14) I will feel totally blessed. Cancer gives us a wake up call that actually life is short and very precious and a lot of people would give their right arm for a stage 1 diagnose, I know I would....I'm 38. Living life one day at a time and being thankful that I'm alive helps me @Floss07


Hi Annie, I totally get what you are saying and my heart goes out to you. Lost my grandson at three months. My sister at 60 to a brain tumour, my niece at 56 and my best friend at the same age. All to cancer. Please don't think I am not counting my blessings, I am just a need to know person, my way of coping. :x::x:


There will be some @Floss07 but i do find when people do well they move on from the forum, so you may not hear from them but they are there. Hopefully some are around and will see your post and comment. If not maybe have a little search, you could use the search option :x::x::x:


Hi @Floss07 my husband was T2nomx 2 years ago his differentiations were moderate/ well so I know not the same but I do understand what you are saying, my nagging worry was the mx and like you googled asked questions, it’s in our nature and this lovely lot are so right when they said try to concentrate on how lucky Geoff was with his diagnosis rather than how unlucky are we he has/ had cancer , believe me I still get frequent wobbles! Feel sick to my teeth with every blood test ct scan, I never really had an answer to mx ! But accepted they can’t rule out mets that may come along.
Every extra 💩 Geoff may have , cough .,, pain ...... my heart sinks!!!
but as @charleyb as so wisely pointed out a lot of people get better and rightly so move on with their lives and perhaps don’t visit this sight .
Don’t ever feel alone I’m not sure it’s possible to put a cancer diagnosis completely out of your mind , but what you and I both need to do is not let the b##### rule our lives ,
Ps stay away from google ..... my experience.. it makes me drink more wine 🍷, lots and lots of love


Hi @Floss07. I was also T2N0M0 and also had no chemo etc. No mention was made of poorly differentiated cells so I am not sure if I had them. I will be 4 years from diagnosis in November, all scans etc have been clear and I am now just on 5 year colonoscopies. As CharleyB says once you reach this stage you tend not to visit here so often but I drop in once a week or so to see how people are doing. It’s hard not to worry but in the end you just have to try and get on with it. I hope this helps you. :x: