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Pelvic fluid collection - please help

Hello, i have been a member of this forum since my Dad who is my ultimate Hero was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer (T2N2M0) on New Year's Eve. This is my first post as I haven't really been sure what to say but I have been following posts and I can sense the kindess and care from everyone on here.

My dad had 5 weeks of chemo-radiation in March/April this year followed by full APR surgery on 6th June. He has suffered numerous complications, infections and pain post surgery, he's been in and out of hospital and is having a really hard time.

His latest admission to hospital resulted in a diagnosis of a pelvic abscess collection, he has had a drain fitted and is to have another CT scan in 3 weeks to monitor the situation. We have been told that he may need further surgery for this involving taking muscle and tissue from his thighs and using it to pack the abscess area. He suffers with extreme pain due to the abscess and his backside wound has become dehiencsed, he has a vac pump on it.

My question is, has anyone else on here experienced a pelvic fluid collection as a result of surgery and if so what were your symptoms of this and treatment received for it? Was it resolved? If so how long did it take to get better? And how was it resolved?

This journey seems never ending for my Dad and all of our family at the moment, we really need some advice and hopefully some reassurance that things will get better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate any help and information that anyone can provide.


Good morning @confused
I had an anterior resection back in February for rectal cancer. The surgery resulted in a leak at the bowel join which lead to an abscess and a collection in my pelvis. I had the bowel surgery was in hospital for about five days and had to go back in within a day of initially coming out of hospital.
I was treated with antibiotics as it was felt that the collection couldn't be drained using CT guided drainage. I was in hospital being treated with antibiotics for about a week.
The antibiotics didn't really clear things up as I was still getting temperatures a month later. That was really the only symptom that I had and I didn't feel too bad.
After seeing the surgeon I went back into hospital at the end of April and had the collection drained under a general anaesthetic. The surgeon fitted a rectal drain which was in for about two and a half weeks (that was quite inconvenient to say the least). This was removed mid-May and touch wood seems to have done the trick as I haven't had any more temperatures. I can only keep my fingers crossed that the leak has repaired itself. The drainage allowed me to have my mop-up chemo (May to July) without problem.
I hope this helps. Any further questions do let me know.
All the best


Thank you @SH39 for your reply, my dads initial symptom of the abscess was and still is extreme pain from the abscess site, did you experience this at all?


Hi @confused
Other than a little bit of pain from my operation I have had no real pain, certainly not extreme pain. Is the abscess site the site of the bowel join?


@SH39 my dads operation was APR so complete removal of part of his colon, anus and rectum, there wasnt a bowel join as a result so the abscess site is in the area where everything was removed. Perhaps this is why theres a difference in pain symptoms. Thank you so much for your help and info.


Hi @SH39 I had my surgery anterior resection in early April. Had permanent colostomy left with tiny rectal stump that doesn’t go anywhere. I had terrible deep recital/sacral pain and pressure in my low left abdo and bladder problems. When I got a fever I was scanned and told I had a pelvic collection of rubbish. Treated for intra abdominal sepsis prior to discharge. My issues remained and I’ve been unable to sit for more than an hour and stand due to pain and pressure build up in lower tummy. Was rescanned 2 weeks ago and told that I had had an abscess which had now healed itself and the rubbish was slowly clearing. I still have these problems and my oncologist and surgeon are discussing whether this could be anterior resection syndrome or nerve damage. Still have swinging urinary retention then complete incontinence. Still have pain and discomfort standing or sitting and absolutely fed up with it. And I haven’t had perineal surgery! Much less an open wound with a vac pack!!!! Your poor poor dad. Sending huge amounts of love and wishes for speedy improvement :x::x::x:


@confused I do apologise that I misunderstood the procedure that your Dad has gone through. I suppose you are right about the pain side of things. I didn't have any particular pain, just temperatures and not feeling myself. If I can help any more please do let me know. Wishing your Dad all the best.


Thank you @SH39 for taking the time to answer my questions i really do appreciate it, wishing you all the best as well.