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Bear G

Cuppa tea?

Here’s a fab idea to help raise funds for Bowel Cancer UK, the charity behind this forum.

Nothings brings us together like a cup of tea, except maybe tea and cake! How about organising something as part of BREW TOGETHER?

I certainly will!

Big hugs


Great idea @Bear G, once I’m settled in a home, somewhere, I would love to do something like this :x::x::x::x:


Great idea!

Thanks for posting!

Karen 💚💜💙❤️💛


I've registered @Bear G so thanks for highlighting it. ☕🍰

Cheers, Helena :x::x:


I’ve registered and are going to host a brew morning at home on the weekend of 26th/27th October - John would be 57 on the 27th so what better wAy to bring some positivity in to the weekend :x::x:


I’ve registered
It will be a year from my operation, APR, and the start of my new life
A good way to say thank you

Pixie O

I'm combining tea with craft and doing this again 😁

Bear G

Brilliant idea @Pixie O !


@Bear G great idea, I might do one next year as I will be laid up for the next three months. Might do an Indian brunch at the church hall if they will allow me to use it.
@Pixie O all the best for your fund raiser.
Great way to raise some funds.

Bear G

Indian brunch sounds good when you’re up to it, lovely idea.


I held my brew together last week, one at home, one at work then hubby took cake to work and I've raised just under £600. Very chuffed and hoping to do more fundraising in the future. Very grateful to have such supportive family and friends following my diagnosis and surgery in July 👍

Bear G

That’s fab @Crick26 , that’s a great amount to raise
Well done!