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Just seen my Surgeon & still feel nothing!!

I still don't know, if I am in shock, denial or just numb from find out I have bowel cancer, it was found during bowel cancer screening, I have no other symptoms and feel the same physically as I did before the screening.

I saw my surgeon this week and went through my results and treatment plan. The tumour could not be seen on the CAT scan, so looks to be caught at a very early stage, which is probably the good news part of the bad news!

So the plan is to remove about 7 inchs of my bowel along with lymph nodes & blood vessels and a low chance of needing a stoma and at this stage and no plan for chemo.

At present I don't know how I feel about the whole thing! in one way lucky about it being found early, but thats about it. I look at my family and it has hit them hard, which I suppose makes me feel guilty, for causing this pain & now wondering if I am bottling my feelings up to try & ease things for others (Old habit this one) but I don't think I am doing it consciously.

One thing I am worried about is it hitting home hard after the op, in 2 weeks time.

Bear G

Hi @Andym1214

What you're feeling is completely natural in your circumstance. As you've said quite rightly, no-one wants cancer but the good news is you've been caught very early, in time you and your family will see this as a good and it will be a relief to you.

The best advice I can give is to talk fully and openly with your close friends and family, that certainly helped me (and them) come to terms with things. The other thing is that whilst it is all about you (you will have to be a little selfish for a while as you go through the op and recovery), it's important to realise that you're not alone. Your friends and family will want to help, it's up to you to allow them to help you and to be willing to ask for help. Doing that will help you and them

It's great that you've joined this forum as this is a place where you can safely talk about things, where we can help to answer your questions and where you will have support form others who've gone through similar things.

Big hugs



Hello @Andym1214, welcome to this forum, but also sorry you have had to join.

In short you are absolutely in shock. You had no warning signs, which is surprisingly common and you haven’t had time to assimilate everything. The good thing though is that it has obviously been detected at an early stage and they do not envisage you needing chemo.

The surgery they are planning is totally standard for Bowel cancer, which again is good news.

Be kind to yourself and please use the forum to ask questions or vent spleen. There is a huge amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom on here so use us! There are also some very good publications produced by the charity- see right top hand corner.

Take very good care, Kim :x:


I also found myself in this postion, routine colonoscopy 14th July and here I am 4 weeks later, 2 weeks into my recovery from a Right Side Hemi-Colectomy, talk about feet not touching the floor !!! I can totally relate to how you are feeling, it still feels a bit surreal to me, however I can assure you that the medical team that is now in place to look after you will be an invaluable source of information and support. I am slowly getting my head around it and you will too, its early days and a lot to take in
Wishing you all the best. You,ve come to the right place, the people on this forum are all inspirational :x::x:


Hi @Andym1214 . I was in exactly the same position as you at diagnosis. 3 and a half weeks from the diagnostic colonoscopy and I was in hospital for keyhole surgery to remove the small tumour; no stoma and no chemo needed. Operation was on a Thursday and allowed home on the Sunday feeling tired but nothing worse than that. I had 3 tiny incisions that healed quickly and virtually no scarring. It all felt so surreal at the time and I felt that the surgery could have been for anything as I never had any symptoms from the cancer. I found it hard to accept that I'd had cancer although I knew that I had.
As regards your family, tell them that bowel cancer is both treatable and curable when caught early and it seems yours has been, very thankfully. You will have the surgery, recover from the op, pick up the pieces and continue with your life and while you will need follow up monitoring, hopefully that will be it!
All good luck with and warm wishes for the operation.


Hi - I was anaemic and had colonoscopy, tumour found, had CT scan and right hemi colectomy at end of June. Diagnosed Stage 1 and no further treatment planned. Feel fine though had a couple of anxious months - so don't worry. Family were wonderful. Take care.


.... an awful lot of people on here had no symptoms ... so pleased it’s been caught early. Please spread the word!

Sarah :x:


Hi @Andym1214
Well, we are all different when it comes to things like this. Like you, I found that it didn't really hit me at all. I was delighted to tell work that, yes I was seriously ill, and no, I had no plans to go into work in the foreseeable future!

I have had some miserable times, of course, but on the whole I have been very lucky in having the support to enable me to cope quite well. Hope you continue to feel calm and positive. Take care :x:


Hi @Andym1214, I was in same place this time last year, I had a routine sigmoidoscopy through the bowel scope screening programme which resulted in a bowel resection and lymph nodes removed (not sure about blood vessels), it was 50/50 if I would need a stoma, but I didn't and lymph nodes were clear. Because I didn't have a single symptom and didn't feel any different after the diagnosis I don't think I fully believed I had bowel cancer. I found it really difficult to walk down to the operating theatre full of beans and perfectly healthy (in my eyes) to be floored by surgery! I thought you went into hospital ill and came out better! Even at that stage I wondered if they had made a mistake., but I recovered well (my bowels are not quite the same but doing there job!) and I can now think about the other outcome, if I hadn't been screened I would still have cancer, at some point I would possibly have some symptoms and eventually be diagnosed, but finding it early and not fully believing what was happening is fine, better than it could have been! I would agree that it is a kind of shock, maybe it's a way of dealing with it. I wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery :x:


Echo all those who have said what I would have said. It’s better to diagnosed early than too late.
And @mops you hit the nail on the head when you said, if this wasn’t picked up at the screening, the cancer would have continued to grow...
Don’t worry, when it finally hits you, you will be either angry (why me) or glad that it was found, treated and will be monitored regularly.
@Bear G has given you some really good advice.
@Sasa yes I agree that we should spread the word so that more people will take the screening more seriously. My husband ignored it 3 times I think before he only did it because he had symptoms. Now I tell everyone I come across to do the screening test that comes through your post.
We will help you navigate through this crazy cancer phase with the focus on beating Bowel cancer.