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Tenderness to touch near wound site

Hi all. Latish and not the time to ring colorectal team so wondered if anyone on here has experience this.... Was sitting watching the box and felt a stinging in my left abdomen like a pin was sticking into me. Took my fleece off, nothing there so looked around abdomen and wound from op, could see nothing, but when I touched just above and to left of belly button (had keyhole surgery 7 weeks ago) get sharp stinging pain that feels near the surface, can pull in muscles, no problem, stings a bit in the area on movement but quite intense when touched. Is it serious? Can I leave it till morning? Is it just nerve pain? Or have I just irritated skin, if anyone has any ideas or who has experienced similar would be reassuring. Would feel an idiot if I went to a and e and it was nothing! If I don't move, no stinging at all. Slight touch in specific spot, very very sore. Thanks you are all mines of wisdom....


Also, feel a bit of a fraud asking things like the above when so many of you on here have gone through so much worse.....


@Floss07 , I don’t have the answer to your question, however if you are worried, maybe 111 might be able to help you. At least give you piece of mind so you can sleep peacefully.

Let’s us know how you are.


Thanks, getting anywhere with 111 here is a nightmare last time rang at 6.30pm and got call back at 9.00 am next day. My neighbour, who had bowel cancer and was seriously ill with a blockage waited more than 5 hours for an ambulance when the hospital is 10 mins away - penalty of living in the retirement capital of UK. My husband had to wait a month for a routine doctor's appointment. Just how it is.
This stinging pain feels near the surface but is new to me and not going away - I just wondered if it was adhesions being pulled, or nerves waking up - I probably have done more than I should because I feel so good.... Thanks


Hi @Floss07 did you happen to have internal dissolvable stitches? Hubby experienced something sharp poking out of his wound and two really sore spots in other places on wound under the skin, that were really painful when touched, or if he was wearing a belt. Went back on to the ward and had the one poking through trimmed off, and the other two are the knots from the dissolvable stitches that haven’t yet dissolved. Hope you go on ok. :x::x:


Hi, yes I did have internal ones that dissolved. Can't see anything but that kind of is what it feels like, a prickly stinging on touch or the slightest pressure. Thanks for that...

Bear G

Hi @Floss07
Sorry I didn’t see your post last night, I hope you’ve had a good night sleep.
As @sunnysideup said, it does sound like it’s a wound-healing thing, especiyas you can’t see any redness. Nevertheless, for peace of mind, it’s worth calling this morning just to check.
Big hugs


Hi @Floss07 could it be the nerves knitting back together? and maybe some more internal healing? I rem Charlie had alsorts of strange pains for a while after , but like said above for peace of mind give your team a call today :x::x:


Hi, I had an Oncology appt yesterday so took the chance to ask the nurse about this exact same thing in the same position on my tummy. I am only 3 weeks post op and have had this feeling pretty much from day one. Everything is healing on the surface nicely but this tingly burning feeling is not going away.
The nurse said its very common, a completely normal skin/nerve sensivity that can sometimes be permanent. It does seem to increase towards the end of the day when I,m tired.
I am massaging my tummy twice daily with Bio Oil, it does seem to be reducing the sensitivity slightly, worth a try maybe ? :x::x:


Thanks all for reasons for this pain, referred to out of hours doc who said nothing serious probably a healing nerve pain or potentially a small insect bite right on scar so not visible, is easing slightly. Made me panic as thought I may have done too much!