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Kate M

Just an update

So it seems there is no more to be done. Strangely comforting - no more hospitals no more chemo no more doctors - hooray. Am now on morphine and the Macmillan nurse has worked out the dose I need so I can have just 2 tablets a day slow release with oromorph top ups in between so that should keep me pain free (I hope). Feel quite relaxed about it all - more worried about how hubby will cope. Perhaps not quite sunk in yet but there is still life in this old dog for a while yet so out now to enjoy the sunshine Love to all you lovely people Kate M :x::x:


@Kate M, oh I was so hoping they would find a clinical trial for you. It is sad to read but in a way comforting to note that you have accepted this so calmly. What an inspiration and what strength you have dear. May you remain pain free and find the days filled with lots of love and sunshine. My regards to your family. Make sure you remain comfortable.
Lots of hugs


I am also sad to hear your news @Kate M but so pleased that you feel relaxed about everything at the moment. If you believe the Met Office there are plenty of sunny days coming ........ I hope so. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Hello @Kate M I am sorry to hear your news but am heartened to read of your acceptance and apparent relief that the round of treatments has stopped; I too wish you some peace and sunshine-y days. With very good wishes :x::x::x:

Kate M

thank you everyone. It has brought tears to my eyes (again!!) to see what lovely people you are. will pop a post in every now and then and let you know how things are going. will of course continue to keep track of you all and wish all of you the very best in your treatments. Love Kate :x::x::x::x::x::x:


I too am so sorry to read your news @Kate M . I hope and pray that you are able to relax and enjoy plenty of time with your husband and that you get all the help you deserve. Sending hugs :x::x:


Hi @Kate M I can feel your calm in your post, and I truly think you are amazing. I pray the meds make you pain free and able to enjoy the sunshine we are having. Thinking of you and your hubby, and sending lots of love D :x::x::x::x::x:


Hello @Kate M

Very sorry to read about your situation, and sincerely hope and pray that you rest well and make happy memories with your husband and family.

Big Hugs :x::x::x:


Thinking of u & sending my love, hugs & soothing vibes.
Suspect I may be reaching same stage as you & hope that, IF that is the case, I will face it with as much dignity & courage as you are inspiring us to do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings with us & yes, pls do keep us updated :x:

Kate M

@Lizalou @DianeS @GD62 and @determinedjoan, Your kind thoughts mean so much. Had a difficult week this week - Talk Talk box broke down so no internet. That wasn't the problem - it's what you have to do to resolve it. First you need to talk to a robot - when I said my TV box had died, they wanted to put me through to someone to talk about bereavement - and that was only the start!!! Then when I finally got a person they said my router was at fault. It took a lot of assertiveness to get them to believe it was the box. Finally an engineer called today and replaced both box and router - now I just have to learn to use the new controls - oh and get my son down to re-set Netflix as it didn't like my attempt. And I thought cancer was stressful! PS morphine, paracetamol and ibuprofen together work wonders now if I can just find where I left my appetite as I seem to have mislaid it. Love to all Kate :x::x::x::x:


Just started steroids yesterday morning - abs miraculous the difference two tiny tabs have made; eating us out of house & home now ! Loads more energy, less discomfort & pain in liver; only downside, took hours to drop off to sleep last night. Wholeheartedly recommend for boosting appetite. Literally feel a completely different person today !
Soooo soz about all the grief with tech - I sympathise- these things drive me mad too ! Love & hugs :x::x::x:

Kate M

Thanks @determinedjoan The consultant gave me steroids but the GP and palliative care nurse said to wait until I got symptoms. Maybe now might be the right time. Katexx


Go for it ! :x::x::x:


I'm glad to hear you've resolved the Internet and pain challenges for now @Kate M. I hate to admit it but I'd be lost without internet!!

Now for that appetite, where did you leave it last?? It can be so difficult to get enough nutrition without it so maybe some special drinks from GP would help or complan shakes? I lived on them back in summer 2017 recovering from surgery. I didn't like them much but made myself drink them to help my recovery. Needless to say, when my appetite returned I gained the good few stones I lost and some!!

Sending you lots of love and hope you have a nice weekend!

Karen 💛💚💙❤️💜


Oh no @Kate M , no internet! I'm normally quite a calm, reasonable human being but when the computer doesn't do what it is meant to do, I lose all reason, scream and burst into did we manage in the olden days?

Now is definitely the time to treat yourself.....chocolate cake? Peanuts? Brie and crusty bread? Ice cream?

Hugs :x::x:


How’re u feeling today dear @Kate M ? Lovely day here in London; hope u can enjoy whatever u have planned for day.
Thinking of u & sending love 💕, hugs 🤗 & soothing vibes :x::x::x:

Kate M

Hi @determinedjoan. Bit better day yesterday thank you. Increasing the morphine has definitely helped with the pain and I ate better. Also today - ham sandwiches for lunch with my husband's cousin now - just what to have for tea? Glad the weather's good in London - nice here, too, in the Midlands except it's a bit windy. Little grandson's 1st day at school yesterday. Didn't feel well enough to see him off but he came in the afternoon with his mum to show me his uniform and a picture he'd done. We framed that and when he went home he carried it in his car seat so that he could show Daddy but then fell asleep 10 minutes before he got there! Much love Kate :x::x::x:


Sooo delighted to hear your day was a little better yesterday & u got to see your beloved Grandson on his first day of school - awww sweet ! Remember my sons first days at school...
Glad morphine helping pain & appetite. Thinking of u & sending lots & lots of love & warmest hugs :x::x::x:


Glad to read about you having a better day yesterday and of seeing your little grandson after his first day at school. My oldest grandson started playgroup on Tuesday and had his second morning there today. His daddy had major issues in persuading him that he'd love it once he got there (which he did!) but boy did he suffer during the build up this morning!! They're such complex little people aren't they?

I hope you continue to do well, keep the pain under control, and enjoy each day as best you can Kate.

Lots of love

Karen 💛💜💙❤️💚


How’re u doing @Kate M ?
Thinking of u & sending love & hugs :x:

Kate M

Hi @determinedjoan. My world is a mad place!! All the trouble we had with the internet are not yet fully solved then the boiler went on the blink so I get woken up at any old time of night with loud pump noises despite having had a new pump put in. And I need my sleep!! Oh yes, and I have my little 'friend' to cope with. On a more serious note I, too, am now on steroids to help with the appetite which seems to be working. I have aslo been given a day place at a lovely Loros hospice. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. AND I ATE A 3 COURSE DINNER YESTERDAY - WITH A SMALL GLASS OF WINE. Bliss. Hope all is going well with you. Much love Kate :x::x::x::x: