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Hi all.
While I was having my bloods done today I was sitting next to a lovely lady who was having chemo for BC. I asked how many rounds she'd had and she said this was her 4th and final one. I don't know how big her tumor was but she said it was only in 1 lymph. She was also only having oxaliplantain not 5fu or the tablets. She said she was told 4 is as effective as 8.... I thought it was 6 rather than 12? I was just suppried she was only doing 4 and this was the new guidelines. Annie :x:


Hi @1234annie it was after the SCOT trial that they found that there was no more benefit to having 8 than 4 when there were less than 4 lymph nodes involved :x::x::x:


That's really intetesting @Stillme, thank u. :x: :x:


Hi @1234annie, the Scot trail showed that 3 months was equally as effective to 6 months, which when on Folfox is 6 cycles rather than 12 (every 2 weeks), but I believe on Capox when you do 3 week cycles of tablets this means 4 rather than 8? Not sure about how this relates to just having oxy vs cap/5fu :x:

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Hi all
For clarification on this could I suggest posting the question in Ask The Nurse?


Hi @Loz . It was interesting reading the above. I started to have Oxaliplatin i.v. and Capecitabine tabs June 2017 but stopped Oxi sfter 4 cycles due to bad side effects. I was also told about the Scot Trial. I carried on with Cap tablets only which finished in the November (8 cycles). Hope you do not mind me butting in. :x::x:


Hi @bexly33 not at all. There’s some simplified info on the Scot trial on CRUK website ( and lots of other articles in much more depth. I think the results are still very much on circumstance, so oncologists act on them differently depending on diagnosis.