Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Trying to stay calm!

Hiya, I'm having surgery this Thursday and trying be calm but having wobbly day! I saw anaethetist yday, it left more questions. As I have other autoimmune conditions they saying I dont have to have epidural anaesthetic on top of GA if dont want it, risks nerve damage, when I've already got that to bladder and bowel, mobility etc. Alternative is just GA but means they have use more morphine etc and less pain control on waking etc. I dont know how to decide except the thought of anythin going into my spine makes me shiver. All I've researched just says inconclusive re epidural risk if already compromised but any GA can bring on MS relapse (I've got probable ms or nmo). Anyone on here not had epidural anaesthetic? How was it without? I know everyone is different. I'm having an anterior resection, 5cm cancer, not known yet if have stoma or chemo. Thanks, seriously feel panicky today!


Best wishes for today @julesdix :x::x::x:


Good luck for today @julesdix
The medical staff will do their best to help you and you will be in very good hands :)


Hope all goes well today @julesdix . C.:x:


Best wishes @julesdix, thinking of you today Px


Hope all has gone well for you @julesdix, thinking of you Diane :x::x:


Hope you are doing ok @julesdix :x::x:


I got thru it, it's all out, went well and without a stoma, so far.hooray!..early days, one lady on ward gone back into surgery to have reop and stoma this morn. I've not managed get everything working yet., gotta keep walking to help but I'm so weak. Feel v rushed today, nurses getting me out bed, breakfast etc has worn me out and it's only 9.30! tum v sore. Plus hardly any sleep last 2 nights! But no stoma has delighted me so far. Couple weeks before know need chemo. Thanks all your messages.


Good to know it's over isn't it? Well done doing what you're told and getting moving. As for bowel movement, I had a stoma but it didn't get working properly until the third day I think, coinciding with eating more solid food. I was encouraged just by having wind as that tells them things are getting ready to get going. If you have pain you can't manage, do ask for relief; I found my nurses to be terrific with keeping me pain free. Sleep as much as you can between obs etc and use those earplugs and sleep masks! they helped me enormously. Each day will be a little bit better than the last, and you've gotten through the worst bit. Well done!


Oh well done ...I have been hoping all went well ..and no stoma, that's marvellous. Here's to a good, gentle recovery, and soon be home once more . :x::x:


Hi @julesdix so pleased it's all over and no stoma needed. You will start to make leaps and bounds soon, the lack of sleep in hospital doesn't help I think. Rest lots though and make a speedy recovery Px


Glad it all went well!! Each day will be better. I have a stoma but the first couple of days after op were painful mainly because of the lack of bowel movements, especially after eating.
Now Iโ€™m one week post op, eating well, walked 10k steps and no more pain, just tired after all that walking. Hope your recovery goes smoothly :x::x:


Delighted everything seems to have gone well @julesdix. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. C.:x:


Good morning @julesdix, so pleased to read your update. A combination of rest and gentle exercise is on the agenda now, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Thanks, its bit slow job, I'm in pain and not opened bowels yet. Early days. :x:


Great news that it's all done and dusted @julesdix

Take it easy and there will be good steady progress every day I'm sure!

Lots of love and best wishes for your continued recovery!

Karen ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›


Well done @julesdix keep doing what youโ€™re doing, listen to your body and youโ€™ll be grand :x::x:


So glad it all went well @julesdix. Relax, stop over thinking, stick your earphones in listen to your music, even when walking slowly in the ward and it will reset your bowels. Stay well. Lots of hugs and best wishes


Thx, it's going well all considering.


Well I got home from hospital today. Tired but pleasantly happy it's over. It feels like a dream. I'm now trying get rested and recouping, I may hear next Tues re staging and if chemo is needed. Thanks to all who supported me to get this far, it's been so helpful. :x::x:


Good to hear you are back home and resting @julesdix, there is nothing like your own bed. Best wishes for the staging next week.