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Ibs after elape surgery

Hi would anyone happen to know anything about IBS issues post eLape...10 months past., bloating, sicky, abdo issues hard soft and very liquid no notice. I’d be running to the loo if I didn’t have a bag...but that’s not the solution!


Hi @Yvonne unfortunately I don’t have any answers for you but wanted to say I think I may also be in that situation. I had APR surgery January 2018 and for the past few months have had problems with bad indigestion, going round my back with pain, abdominal problems etc etc, I was given a scan but thank goodness no cancer so my nurse has said it may be IBS


Thanks @Stillme I’ve also been irrigating which has had its ups and downs and have had to use laxido. The laxido wasn't prescribed for IBS and I suspect it’s not helping it just seems to be making things worse.