Stage 4 bowel cancer


Private health insurance

Anyone able to get health insurance after diagnosis. Please advice on names and cost


No,I don't think so.We try before Willie's colonoscopy but they say politely any pre-existing problems will be not covered.Willie know he needs to have colonoscopy so anything after is like pre-existing condition.

Bear G

Hi @susu
It depends what you’re looking for, are you looking for cover for your Bowel cancer to give you access to private treatment and some of the drugs not available on the NHS? If so, as @kas52 said it’s highly unlikely, or it’ll be impossibly expensive.

If however you’re looking for cover for a different potential future illness then it’s possible but you’d probably pay a bit more and any preexisting conditions wouldn’t be covered.

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Thanks a lot for the response


Hi @susu
You could try vitality - but takes alot of thought. E.g what is wanted /expected etc
Or there are separate providers that give specifics
Hope you are hanging in there - the brain
Can be mystery
Best to you


Still struggling with the steroids. Trying to come off the steroids and the inflammation after treatment has taken a lot longer for me . The right hyper thalamus they radiosurgeried has been a real struggle. How have u coped with the steroids and the pressure in the brain. Affecting my other treatment as I need to be well enough for chemo. Still hanging in there. Good to hear from you. Love 💖 and hugs. Pray we pull through these tough times.