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9 week and still no results from 2nd opinion histology

Hi all , been suffering with rectal bleeding and heamorroids with constipation for the last 3 yr was sent for colonoscopy in 2017 which showed 4 polyps but was told they look fine also banding of heamorroids wasnt advised as they were small !!
Fast forward December 2018 I asked for a second opinion as things getting worse , consultant booked me in for banding and excision saying it should have been carried out before now . Had general surgery 28th July everything fine I thought until I went for 6 week follow up appointment and was told he had taken a biopsy that showed carcinoma in situ but it needed a second opinion as the margins weren't clear and high white blood cells .
He told me about the MDT meeting held but still awaiting results, I was told if nobody had been in touch to ring the colorectal specialist nurses- it is now 9 week since biopsy sent for second opinion and it still isn't back !! I'm going out of my mind .... has anyone else had to wait so long for histology results


Oh poor you; all this waiting around for results is utterly miserable, isn’t it?
Try giving them a ring again & tell them it’s hving a detrimental effect on ur mental as well as physical health & could they pls let u know the plan ASAP.
Do u hv a nice 👍 Gp you could talk to/could ring on ur behalf?
Pls keep us posted.
Thinking of u & sending love, hugs & soothing vibes :x:


Hello @Nic1974 I would definitely chase up the results with the colorectal nurse or as @determinedjoan suggested, your GP - and be insistent, the stress of waiting is dreadful. Best wishes.


I've contacted everyone the hours spent on the telephone to different people is unreal - GP has been trying too * not one person can tell me who is chasing this up * . I find it hard to understand Imy case was removed from the 2nd MDT list meeting because they haven't got results, surely other tests and or discussions should be made . My surgeon told me I need further surgery for definite so that's also been delayed - I was stern and said so my case isn't going to be discussed until the results are back so what I'm going to be left !! Also having some bleeding :( the waiting is the worst as you both say .. thank you for your kind words


I am sorry to read this @Nic1974 I hope you get some answers soon. :x::x:



Can you try to contact the PALS dept at your hospital or else make a complaint to the registrar and tell them you will sue their arse if you find out they have not given you results that needed to be dealt with in a timely manner?

You waiting this long is just not acceptable. So sorry :x:


Oh @Nic1974; soooo soz to read ur post - awful 4 u.
Yes, think I would contact PALS office & or Macmillan Info Officer @ Hospital IF u have one in morning & set them on ur case.
V best of luck & really hope u get answers/surgery/treatment soon.
Thinking of in& sending love, hugs & healing, soothing vibes :x:


I am stunned that it is taking so long to get your results @Nic1974 ! I live in Australia so can't offer you any help as to how to crack the whip over there, but I just can't imagine having had to wait so long. Let's hope they get their act together ASAP!

Hugs :x::x::x:


@Nic1974 this is just not right. As the others have said, do contact PALS at your hospital. Just don’t go in size 10 boots, you need the hospital on your side for your treatment. Just be assertive and say this is really messing you up both emotionally and physically. I think even the Macmillan staff might be able to come with you and help you deal with this.
Hoping that as they are taking so long, no news meaning good news and all, they probably feel you could be one of those lucky ones for whom, no further treatment is needed, or they might be doing a “watch n wait” plan. No matter what they have come up with, it high time they shared it with you. A term you can use it “duty of care”.
Another card you can use is tell your GP that you are feeling really low, not sleeping or eating well, restless, lack of concentration etc and this waiting for a Histology report feels like it is the cause of these symptoms.
Wishing you all the very best and here’s hoping you get sorted out ASAP and it’s good news.


How’re u doing, @Nic1974 ?
Thinking of u & sending love & hugs :x:


Hi not too bad thank you , histology results back and case going to be held in the MDT in the morning :( having to have an emergency colonoscopy on Tuesday for 2 bleeds last week . I'm nervous but so glad things are finally getting sorted so I have got everything crossed it was caught and excised in time .


Hi @Nic1974, goodness you have been through it with the wait, so sorry to read it. You are bound to be nervous, but as you say it's better it's getting sorted. All the with the colonoscopy, ket us know how you are getting on Px