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Might just be overthinking, but i have alot of the symptoms but have only turned 35?

Sorry if I have bothered everyone for nothing and reading all your stories and post, you are all very brave and have so much respect for you all!!
Just wondering if there's anyone who can offer some advice or information.
But where do I start? X
I've had mild ibs(If that's even possible!!) for a few years and have been coping well but the pass couple of months ive had a big change in bowel habits mainly diarrhea (sorry for too much info)
With cramps and feeling sick straight after food and have been sick quiet alot a few times.
With the pass couple of weeks being worse. I am now having more cramps and feeling sick with diarrhea more frequently, im really tired all the time no matter how much sleep I have.
I have had blood test and it has shown I have pernicious anemia which I am taking folic acid and vitamin 12 for.
I have pain im my stomach, back and side and have noticed my stools are darker then normal with bits of black in them (sorry again for too much info!!)
Im waiting to have a scan and maybe a colonoscopy.
The only thing is I'm not losing any weight at the moment not that im noticing anyway!
If you dont mind me asking, what were your symptoms and were any similar to what I am experiencing?
Again, sorry to bother you all, im just worried at the moment and everyone else seems caught up in there own problems.
Thank you for taking time to read my post very much appreciate it!!


Hi @Mcg1984

Sorry to hear that you are having such horrible issues - I have to say that initially this really doesn't sound like bowel cancer. It is good though that you are pushing for more tests as whatever this is sounds like it is taking a toll on you.

I would push for a colonoscopy as that is a sure way of finding out what is going on inside of you.

You will find so many different answers to your questions of peoples symptoms and I wish I could be more helpful. My hubby was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer after passing a full medical only six weeks previously!!!

Keep positive. Keep as healthy as possible, drink lots of water and do a bit of exercise every day - that may help with your tiredness a bit. In the meantime don't take no for an answer and I really hope you find out what is going on really soon.

Lots of love, Tiffany :x:


Hi @Mcg1984 You are right to push for answers. Better to get it all checked out.
Request a colonoscopy and a C. T of stomach. Let us know how you get on. Sending best wishes :x::x:


@Mcg1984 welcome, it sounds like your having a tough time at the moment,and your right to get yourself checked out, keep asking questions with GP and others if you are not satisfied, worry is a dreadful thing and can't make symptoms worse too, and it is not easy not to worry,is it.
You are obviously being looked into if you are waiting more tests which is good, usually it's to rule things out. Sorry I can't be of more help, but please let us know how you get on. Best wishes to you :x:


Sorry should have read CAN make symptoms worse.


Hello@Mcg1984 Bowel cancer is often discounted too easily and so many young people on here have been dismissed by their Gps and have waited years to get their diagnosis . .
Demand a colonoscopy and a Ct Scan
If your Gp tries to fob you off with suggestions that you are too young ..have IBS ...etc etc then you request that he makes an entry in your records stating that he refused to do the tests ....that generally gets the job done I go into Rottweiler mode if any of my family are ill ...its very effective

You must suspect that you have Cancer or you wouldn’t be on here asking our advice ...you are so welcome to ask anything on here and never apologise for going into details about your symptoms or your worries
You get yourself checked out and hopefully find out that its nothing nasty .....
Keep in touch with us all and let us know how you get on
Cath :x::x:


I had similar symptoms, and unfortunately was diagnosed at the grand old age of 34! I would try and oush for a colonoscopy to provide a definitive answer.



Hi @Mcg1984 I can tell you of my experience and do think you need to insist on tests. I have had IBS for years, symptoms are mild to severe abdominal cramps, diarrea and constipation, light or very dark stools - you get a lot of poo talk on here - and this is triggered by stress and certain foods. I also had gall stones only symptoms were billious attacks from time to time - severe pain and vomiting and needed to be admitted to a & e a couple of times. Gall bladder removal fixed that. Only symptom I had of bowel cancer was anaemia and I too was put on folic acid tablets. I should ask to have a full blood count test and any other tests that may be relevant especially as there are other conditions you might have. Hope this helps and let us know how you get on.