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Simon Wiggins

My little brother just diagnosed - feel useless

My little brother was diagnosed with bowel cancer yesterday. He's only 38 and we lost our mother to the disease 20 years ago. He had a CT scan this morning to see if it has spread and we get the results tomorrow night. The wait is torturous and I can't bear seeing him in pain and so scared. There was no sign of spread on the MRI he had last week, in advance of yesterday's colonoscopy so I'm praying there will nothing on the CT. Please, please God let it be so. I love him so much and I can't do anything. I'm just hoping the MRI is good sign. Thanks for reading.

Simon Wiggins
Quote from @Lirio345:
Good morning @Simon Wiggins, welcome to the forum although I am obviously really sorry to hear about your brother’s diagnosis. As others have said, this time of waiting is excruciating, but a necessary evil, - once your brother has a treatment plan in place it bizarrely feels easier.

Please stay in touch and ask anything you wish; this is a very supportive and knowledgeable forum.
Take very good care, Kim

Thanks Lirio. I'm just praying it's not advanced. I feel physically sick thinking about it.


Sending you and your brother very best wishes @Simon Wiggins :x::x:


Hello @Simon Wiggins, welcome to the forum, so sorry to hear about your brother. You will find a wealth of experience on here and lots of support for you through this journey.

I wanted to wish you all the best today for the results, the treatment plan will help, there is so much they can do these days.

Please let us know how you get on and thinking of you Px

Simon Wiggins

I am delighted to say that the CT scan results show no spread. His consultant said he is probably stage 2 but as there is some small enlargement of lymph nodes it is possible it could be stage 3 but we won't be sure until surgery. The biggest of the nodes is 6mm so his consultant is hopeful that there is no cancer there. The consultant said if he'd written the scan report himself he couldn't have written better. So it's good news and now fingers crossed that he's at stage 2. Thank you for everyone's messages of support. They mean a great deal.


Wonderful news @Simon Wiggins! So happy to read this. Love Gypsyxxxx


That is good news @Simon Wiggins, so pleased for your family, Kim :x::x:


great news, wishing you well for the journey ahead, john.


Great news I bet you are relieved now on with whatever plan they have for him :x:


Brilliant news tx


Pleased to read your news @Simon Wiggins, fingers crossed for a positive way forward for your brother now :x::x:


Well that does sound very positive @Simon Wiggins ! hopefully they will get him to surgery quickly!! I hope you also get yourself screened, if you have not already :x::x::x:


Good point @charleyb, yes @Simon Wiggins worth mentioning that you should have a check too (if not already done) :x::x::x:

Simon Wiggins

Brother met surgeon this morning. Surgery booked for week on Monday.

I am having another colonoscopy in the next six weeks.


wishing you and your brother all the best for your journey ahead, take care, john.


@Simon Wiggins

Sorry that I haven't replied to you until now but welcome to the forum that nobody wants to join!

Glad to hear that so far the news sounds as good as it can be. Just wanted to dip in and say that I am thinking of you and your brother. Hope we can support you both through your cancer journey.

Tiffany :x:

Simon Wiggins

Thank you again for everyone's support. It is reassuring to know that there is such a knowledgeable support network there.


Thank god your brother got on well in Scan @Simon Wiggins . Be strong and positive. Good thing is that its stage 2.its treatable. Sending best wishes to you both.


Welcome from me too and glad that your brother’s scan shows no spread. Being stage 3 myself I was told my treatment was to be curative, so i believe things are very positive for your brother.


Welcome @Simon Wiggins. Good to read that your brother appears to be getting treated pretty quickly, and there's no evidence of spread. Wishing him and yourself to be well. C.:x: