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Stage 4 bowel cancer

greyhound gal

Double Reporting on CT Scan

What does it mean please? I’ve been waiting for my results, and when I rang my colorectal nurse Friday afternoon, she started to go through them, then said “oh no, it’s been double reported by an agency and a staff radiographer, so it’s really long! I’ll have to email it to the oncologist, and we’ll take it from there!” So I’ve got to wait again, argh!
My immediate thought was that it must be awful; that there must be lots of spread that needed to be checked.
Christian (my sensible husband), said it could just as easily be that nothing was seen, we know something’s there so it was double checked. Or just as easily, so many are routinely double checked!
I’ve been managing to control the anxiety by using @Bear G ‘s philosophy of “no bad scan news”, and also by imagining every possible scenario, then putting it away in a box in my head, but this waiting!!!


Hi @greyhound gal my circumstances are different to yours but I had this same situation some time ago where I was told my scan had been double reported, again once by an agency and once by staff; mine was fine and I was told that that double checking was just because my cea was elevated (it was still fine) However I was later told that a certain amount of all procedures are double checked as a precautionary/checking measure (for consistency purposes)
So try not to worry (famous last words😳) I think you might be right about the double checking! :x::x::x:


Sounds good to me @greyhound gal !! If my scans were double checked then it wouldn't have been missed 3 times!! I asked my oncologist why no one else looks at the scans and why they take one radiologists word as gospel. She said if she looked at everyone's 'clear' scan then she wouldn't see any patients. Well my scans weren't clear and when she and the rest of the peer group looked they could see the my cancer clear as day!
My case is now being reviewed by the hospital and new stuff has come to light apparently so it's now also being independently looked at too! All my scans from now on will go to mdt and everyone will have a look including my new team at St Mark's. I don't and will never understand how one person can play god apart from God himself! ❤

terri m

Hi @greyhound gal .. Sorry to hear you will be waiting longer for scan results. But like annie said, nothing will get missed!!! I think it is good to have report double checked 👍. Anyway I will be keeping everything crossed for good results... Thinking of you. A happy & lucky new year too xxx😘


Ah @1234annie yours is a terrible situation, it’s a good thing that they are investigating it independently; it is interesting that your hospital didn't have a checking/audit process but mine does (apparently) perhaps it’s a question we all need to ask of our hospitals?

Bear G

Hi @greyhound gal
Firstly, I’m pleased that approach has helped, it’s great to be able to support one another.
I haven’t heard of ‘double reporting’ but it sounds like it’s been sent in error to an outside reporting agency as well as the hospital person, so the oncologist needs to check both reports. It shouldn’t take longer I’m sure.
Fingers crossed!
Big hugs


I was told that double reporting is sometimes done for audit purposes...no idea if that's true, but basically a random selection will be double checked by staff.


Hi @greyhound gal

I think having a scan 'double reported' sounds like a very positive strategy indeed but wasn't aware that this actually happened. Something that struck me too was that you can request to be given a copy of the scan report to keep and therefore compare to previous ones yourself. I do this and find it enormously helpful.

Yes, waiting for news and results is just awful and never gets any easier does it? As it stands just now, there is absolutely nothing to worry about but that's much easier said than done we know!

Sending lots of love



My hubby had a Pet scan in Oct because lymph nodes in chest area doubles in size the lung consultant said when we went for results that 20 doctors had looked at his scans, it was good news by the way, hope you get your results soon @greyhound gal and positive news too :x::x:

greyhound gal

Thank you my lovelies, @bettebette, @1234annie, @terri m, @Bear G, @louise05, @Baxter2 and @justhope 😘. Your thoughts have calmed me!

It is a total scandal @1234annie! Thank goodness you’re now with a better team.

I’m going to do a lot of pushing this week, When I had surgery on 13th Oct, the mets on my small Bowel that was removed were up to 4mm in size, and a few were left - I presume because they were further away and smaller in size. So I’m not too worried (hmmm...unless it’s the middle of the night!) and I do feel so well, but I’m conscious that I need to start treatment (aren’t I good?!). :x::x::x:


I believe it's common practice to have another radiologist look over scans if the report was initially completed by agency or 'out of house' practitioners.
Fingers crossed it will be good news :x::x::x:


Hello @greyhound gal !
Just wanted to pop my head around the door and say hi! Sorry you have to wait (how annoying) but glad they're being thorough. Big hugs


Hi @greyhound gal hope it all goes well, I am due on 28th January for CT result , concerns are understandable as before probably in house quality assurance by trust based radiologist....hugs :x::x::x:

greyhound gal

I received my results on Wednesday pm, in a very rushed phone call, that’s left me unsatisfied. I was told that I was being put forward for the trial, so I said that my mets must be visible then? “Yes!”,
And how many are there? “It doesn’t seem to say”
Was there any spread to other organs? “No!” - Yippee
And that was about it! I’ve had another quick call to say the oncologist from the trail wants to see me and discuss the trial, and it’s my oncologist! Hmmm..,
I know I could/should call back for more info but it isn’t going to change what’s there, and I can find out when I see the onc on 29th, plus I’m feeling fed up with all the chasing I’ve been doing since November!
They did ask to see me on 22nd but my daughter’s got an interview at Uni, which is definitely more important!! :x::x:


Hi @greyhound gal well good news that there’s no other spread but it does sound an unsatisfactory call. I am aware I am telling you what you already know but go on the 29th with all your questions written down and make sure you get an answer to every one; I would also request a copy of the report (?) that way you would know exactly what the score is. Best wishes for that.

I hope your daughter’s uni interview goes well 🤞

Bear G

Hi @greyhound gal
I’m sorry for the bizarrely unsatisfying call, I’m not surprised you feel that way in the circumstances. At least you know there’s a positive plan for you.

I’d echo @bettebette advice about writing down all your questions over the next week or so until you see your oncologist.

In the meantime I’d suggest doing some fun stuff just to take you away from all these trials and tribulations, you’ve earned some smile time!

Big hugs