Stage 4 bowel cancer


hello .. and update

hi everybody.. thought i would pop by to say hello and wish you all a happy new year.. kev is still battling.. the igap surgery didnt work, so he still has the blasted open wound and leaking and is in pain 24/7.. cant have any more surgery now, and chemo is not an option.. but he is getting about with a walking stick and has made it to the local for a pint over christmas. its been a horrible 2 years.. still no further ahead... but still alive and fighting!!


Hi @mandajayne . I often think of you and Kevin as we were diagnosed at roughly the same time. So sorry to hear he is in pain. Glad he made to the local for his beer. I expect lots of others will be able to give you more appropriate advice but you are in my thoughts and I really hope things get better for you. :x::x:


Please stay positive and what's important getting better soon.Hugsxxx


Hello @mandajayne I am sorry to hear that Kev is still suffering with pain, however it’s good to hear he got to the local at Christmas. Sending you both lots of good wishes and lots of support across the miles :x::x::x:


Good morning @mandajayne, thank you for the update but I am so sorry to hear that Kev is still struggling with the continued leakage and pain. Much love to you both, Kim :x::x:


Thinking of you both @mandajayne . It is so awful what Kev has suffered, I can't imagine it really. I'm glad that he is at least getting about a little. Does anything help with that pain? :x::x:


So sorry to hear this news, wishing you all the best, big hugs, John.:x::x:


Hoping that things improve soon for @mandajayne and Kev...… hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:


All of my prayers and positive energies flying for you both @mandajayne :x::x:


Sorry to hear of Kev's ongoing issues. I have had a few ups and downs since my TPE operation in October 2018 but seem to be back on the up again thank goodness. Hoping he is back on the mend soon. I have to count myself very fortunate to have managed to get this far without needing any more surgery, although I have had issues with internal collection fluids which fortunately have been cleared up with antibiotics and a couple of drainage procedures.

I am busy again renovating and redecorating the house which gives me a sense of purpose and plenty of exercise and physical exertion.