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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Another change of plan

So the plan was to see the lung team this coming Monday following hubbies PET scan. On Wednesday he had a call from them to say they've now seen something on his prostate and he needed to go in for a blood test yesterday.

Also yesterday he had a call from the colorectal nurse to say plans have changed again. They're having MDT meeting Monday morning and we are now to go in straight after that to see the colorectal surgeon and not the lung team?? We are so worried and feel that this can only be a bad thing.


@SalShep my heart goes out to you both in this situation. They are having to discuss it all again. But meanwhile the radio and chemo still keep working in the background. So nothing is lost and only things gained.
Keys how they don't keep you both waiting - no one knows how anxious making it all is. Been there several times.
My fingers are crossed for you both
Hugs to you


Much love to you at this difficult waiting and change of plans time @SalShep, Kim :x::x:


Oh @SalShep i am so sorry you have all this worry, no words will make it easier, your team are looking after you and trying to find the best plan they can, fingers crossed you get some news soon and then can get started!! big hugs to you :x::x:


I’m sorry to hear you’re both going through a worrying time @SalShep. Thinking of you both and sending more hugs and love your way :x::x:


Thinking of you@SalShep and hoping it all becomes clear very soon as to the way forward for your husband. I think many identify with this really and it is so hard. Love Gypsyxx

greyhound gal

How awful @SalShep, your mind must be all over the place. There’s no point in second guessing what’s going on, try to keep busy, you’ll hopefully have answers on Monday.
Much love, Wendy :x::x:

foster mum

@SalShep , thinking of you . It must be so stressful :x:


Thank you everyone for your kind words and wishes. We're going to enjoy the weekend and try not to think too much about Monday. Lots of love to you all :x::x:


Hi @SalShep

Waiting is just the worst as you tend to overthink and imagine all sorts of scenarios. Try to stick to the facts and definitely keep busy and distracted over the weekend as much as possible!

Sending love and best wishes

Karen 💛💜💙❤️💚