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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Just been told secondary in liver

My partner has been told secondary in liver as removal of tumor 18 months ago and chemo. Waiting to have mri and pet scan. Reading up it basically means you cannot not be cured. Would really like some honest feedback.


Welcome @josephine sorry to hear about your partner. It depends if the met is operable, also being not operable does not mean untreatable. Thankfully there are now some good treatments for mets. And also chemo can over time make mets operable, so please don’t google, it is not a reliable source. My husband has had a lung met and more recently a liver met, he is still curative as both were operable. Wishing you loads of luck with the scans :x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @josephine sorry to hear about your partner. Once you have the results from the MRI and Pet scan you will have a better idea of the plan going forward.
It depends where the tumour is in the liver. My husband had a secondary in his liver (& lung) in 2016 and it was treated by resection. Unfortunately he had a further tumour in his liver which was discovered in 2017. This one was too close to a main vein for easy resection so they treated it with chemo/Cetuximab. This luckily shrunk the tumour and he continues with fortnightly treatments of chemo and Cetuximab which at the moment is keeping it from spreading further.
I hope you get some good results from the scans :x::x:


Ho @josephine, I had single secondary tumours pop up in liver and lung one year after'curative' bowel surgery. Mine were both operable and removed and then 6 months of chemo. I have been clear for 7 years now though still under surveillance due to the liver tumour. I do think that there is cause for hope for your husband even though I had no hope when it all happened to me. I hope that you will soon know what the treatment plan is. Love Gypsyxxx


Hi @josephine. I had what was supposed to have been a liver resection in November but it turned out tumour was in the diaphragm. It was removed and although I am awaiting scans and blood tests and have to have another 4 cycles of chemo, the oncologist is still talking of all the processes being curative. When I was first advised of this spread in April, I spent lots of time going through posts on this forum and there are lots of good news stories (you’ve already seen a couple) of people who have had successful liver resections and no further recurrences. Wishing you well and hopefully you will get a positive treatment plan soon. :x::x:


Thank you all your comments have been so helpful and reassuring :x::x::x:


Good morning @josephine and welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear of your husband’s secondary in his liver, but as you can read above these mets can be very treatable.

I was diagnosed five years ago with two or three tumours in the liver. I had surgery to remove them but was unable to have mop-up chemo afterwards so sadly some did recur. HOWEVER after further bowel surgery I did start chemo, that was four years ago and I have had no evidence of disease since July 2016.

Please do not google- information and data is often out of date and sometimes inaccurate. We are all very different and the key thing is that there are several people on this forum living near normal lives with a diagnosis of stage 4 Bowel cancer.

Please stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Good morning @josephine and welcome to the forum!

Just wanted to reassure you that there's lots to feel positive about here. Treatments for liver mets are commonly performed and I'm sure this will also be available to your partner too. Chemo can also reduce or eradicate depending on the size and response to the drugs. Do your research, compile some questions and address this with his oncologist at next appointment would be my advice.

Please let us know how things go if you can?

Lots of love

Karen 💚💛💙❤️💜


@josephine good morning and welcome here. Just adding to the list of successes. My wife had rectal 7 years ago with a liver met 3 years later. She had an operation and 6 months chemo and is cancer free and well to this day. We both feel very chuffed at the skills of the cancer centre. They have been marvelous. So good luck to you both and we will be thinking of you both. Mind you, I do still get very stressed at scan time!!


Hi @josephine liver mets can stlll be curative route if isolated and can resect and lots other options :x::x:


Hi @josephine I had a recurrence of two liver mets three years after my original rectal tumour was removed. I was told treatment for the recurrence would be curative and had radiotherapy (also recurred in my pelvis), chemo, bowel op and liver op. 64% off my liver was removed and that was back in September. I didn't know this but your liver is the only organ that can regenerate so they can remove quite a lot as it will regrow! I am now cancer free and just have monitoring scans :x::x::x:


Dont worry before they will check it.My husband was operated , because he has 1 liver met at the time they discovered his bowel tumor.There is many options of treatmen as far as I know.Wait and see.Hugsxxxxx


Hi, @josephine sorry to read your post, I had recurrence in peritoneum and liver in July and still knocking about as incurable, but with the liver on its own there are much more options..…..hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:


Hi so many positive stories here which is great to hear my mum sadly inoperable re liver meets so palliative care and no chemo etc .