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CT scan showing something suspicious on a para aortic lymphnode and around bowel resection joint,anyone else had this please?

Hi everyone, I my latest CT scan results yesterday and I have been told that there is something suspicious looking on a para aortic lymphnode and that the join tissue on my bowel re section looks suspiciously thicker than it should from the outside,has anyone else had this and if so what happened next?I was told I would be monitored for the next few months to see if there are any changes before being blasted with chemo through a PICC line,thanks,Angela :x::x:😥


Dear @angela, I am so very sorry that you have all this additional worry but it sounds as though there is some doubt about it all? I know @penjay1902 had a distant lymph node involved at one point but it got blasted with treatment. There have been one or two who have had recurrence at the join but it is rare, as is, (I think), the involvement of the para aortic node. I don't know but I think I would ask, 'why am I not being sent for a PET scan now'. Other than that, maybe ask for a second opinion on this. I think that is what I would wish to do. I hope others will see this and post for you too but I'm sending hugs meantime. Not much use I know but it is such rubbish that you have this worry. Thinking of you. Love Gypsyxx


Hi @angela . @Gypsy is correct. When I originally was diagnosed I had a lymph node - left external iliac node 20cm from the Bowel tumour. There was no sign of this after I had radiochemotheraphy for 5 and, a half weeks. Can understand your worry. I am sure others will be able to give you more informed advice. Very best wishes. :x::x:


Hi @angela, I am truly sorry to hear about these possible developments. I think I would also want to be very confident that monitoring is the best option, and a second opinion may be wise.

I am tagging @HH79 who may be able to offer you some advice about para aortic lymph involvement.

Please stay in touch and take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Hi Gypsy,penjay1902 and Kim,thanks for your responses,it is reassuring to speak with people who totally understand,I am going back to the oncologist in 6 weeks,she is very good and thorough so hopefully she will do the right thing at all stages for me,fingers crossed! take care of yourselves,cheers,Angela :x::x::x:


Hi @angela sorry to hear this. If it does turn out to be affects PALN, this area does respond well to chemo but there are good treatment options with radiotherapy such as SABR, Cyberknife and MRI Linac. Lots love :x::x:


Hi HH79,thanks for your reply you have given me some positive things to think about,cheers,take care ,Angela :x:


Hallo @angela .... my hubby has cancer in his para aortic lymph’s ...( see my profile )
he is on round 11 of chemo with 1 more round to go before scans ....
I may be able to give you more helpful info after the scans in March
Vivs :x::x::x::x:


Hi Vivs,thanks for your reply yes, I hope it's all good news for your hubby and will look out for news in March,cheers,Angela :x: