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Well, after my first year post diagnosis (stage 1, T2N0M0, poorly differentiated cells and mucinous core), I had my first surveillance ct scan (actually thought it wouldn't happen due to Covid but in the end had it at a private hospital with results sent to my local one). After prosseco and a romantic evening with my other half, I am on a high. All clear. Occasional niggly pains are likely just adhesions. Also RBH have started colonoscopies again and mine is likely to be done before the end of the year despite Covid.
Would like to comment on treatment I have had at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, from the colorectal team through to nursing staff on ward when I was an in patient, they have been superb, and the colorectal team have always given me time and detail when they could. Big thank you to them. Hope everyone else is as lucky as I seem to be so far. :x::x:


Fantastic Floss it’s a great feeling! Xxx Annie :x::x::x:


Great news @Floss07 so pleased for you Px


Fantastic news @Floss07! :x::x::x::x:


That’s such good news @Floss07

terri m

Hi @Floss07 . lovely to hear your good news.. I am so pleased you had a good team looking after you.👍. Xxx💝


Great news @Floss07! So happy for you ☺️ :x::x::x:

cant believe it

A lovely post with such good news @Floss07 🎉🎉:x::x:


Fantastic news @Floss07 and glad to hear some people’s follow ups are still going ahead :x::x:


@Floss07 Wonderful - hope you are still celebrating! Lovely to hear some great feedback about your colorectal team .
Take care , Jane :x::x:



Brilliant news! Keep celebrating :x::x:


Brilliant well done @Floss07 :x::x:


Fantastic so pleased for you :x::x:


Brilliant news!

Well done!

Lots of love

Karen 💜💙💚❤️💛


Brilliant news!! :x:


@Floss07 that’s bloody brilliant, so pleased for you :x::x:


Thanks to everyone for all your support and congrats.... Everyone on here has been the best in the last year.... No One has been so well informed , so there for me in the right way, and just so nice and friendly as you lot! Big big big thanks :x::x::x:


More great news!


Fantastic news@Floss07 all the best cheers John.:x::x: