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Deborah Louise James

Many people are aware of Deborah "Bowel Babe" James - a quite remarkable and inspiring lady who I was fortunate enough to meet for The Record the charity book I've written in memory of my mum who died of bowel cancer in 2016.

The book also features another Deborah James, who tragically died in 2017 aged just 37. To find out more about quite wonderful Deborah Louise James please click on the link

The book has raised over £950 for Bowel Cancer UK and you can order it from my website

Bear G

Sadly I never knew Deborah Louise, but have read her chapter, she sounded lovely.
Big hugs @Darv


Deborah sounded like an amazing lady @Darv. Thankyou for sharing :x::x:


Thanks @mem she was indeed :x::x:


She sounded wonderful. A lot of sad news recently - all the more reason to keep fighting and keep raising awareness. You’re doing an amazing job @Darv :x:


Thanks @Lucy1234 I have no intention of stopping :x: