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Traffic Light System on NHS Scotland/Update on Private Treatment

So yesterday I found out a bit more about my case. Found out my CSN name, that I am amber on the waiting list, appointment can take up to 2 weeks to come through and today booked a consultation for Private Treatment for 13/7 but am hoping my NHS appointment will come through before then. So although no further forward with date for surgery I at least know a bit more than I did last week.


Hi @Shellyp
The waiting for all the tests, results , appointments is so tough isn't it?
I am pleased that you have a CNS who you can liaise with and I hope that your NHS appointment comes through really soon.
Keep us posted and take care, Jane :x::x:


Hi @Jane39 I am so very scared and anxious. Wake everyday with another new pain. It seriously is making me paranoid that the time i am waiting is giving the disease a chance to spread! 😪


Hi @Shellyp, this is a very tricky time In the whole process isn’t it and I wonder if you have talked to your GP about some support, - medical and/or counselling? Lots of us have really benefitted from this.
Meanwhile please take very good care and of course stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Hi @Lirio345 @Jane39 Just had a phone call from Hospital that will be doing the surgery and she has explained that they think the disease may have started at my ovaries and could have spread to the bowel? But said they are unsure until they do surgery? She has said though i will be a full hysterectomy and take the fatty lining from my tummy? She had a short list in front of her and i was near the top and she also said things will start to move now over next 2-3wks? So yeah at least i have actually spoke to someone who has explained it a bit better. She did however apologise that no one had went into it in depth. She was very nice hope she is the Dr that is taking my case on? :x::x: