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Worried cancer is back

Hi I had surgery to remove a tumour on may 2019 followed by 6 sessions of chemo. A couple of days ago i had a really upset tummy, not unusual following stoma reversal. But on my 4th trip to the loo in quick succession I passed some blood and clear mucus. Nothing since then should I be worried?

terri m

Hi @scootergirl17 .. I am sorry to hear you are worrying about a recurrence.. I never had a stoma , so unsure about any problems you may suffer with after Reversal, but I definitely think you should ring your colerectal team for their advice.. This will put your mind at ease.. The fear of having a recurrence is something we all dread, but has time goes by the worry does get less . During the year after my chemotherapy, I had awful pains in my bottom, especially after a bowel action, I convinced myself at that point my cancer had come back.. After Speaking to my nurse She
gave me reassurance,that this was to do with my surgery ect... Hopefully another member from the forum who has had a Stoma reversal may be able to offer you more Information.. I do hope everything is fine, & let us know how you get on . lots of love & hugs. Terri xxx💟


Thanks Terri I will phone the colorectal team in the morning.


Good morning @scootergirl17

I'm sorry about your worries. Are you still under surveillance for your Bowel Cancer? I think if so, maybe consider a call to the consultants secretary and/or colorectal nurse specialist would be a useful first step as well as your GP.

Please let us know how things go if you can?

Lots of love

Karen 💜💛💚💙❤️


Thanks for your replies I am seeing my consultant on the 28th so will hopefully be able to put my mind at rest


Hi @scootergirl17

Hope all goes well on 28th July.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @scootergirl17 That is good that you now have an appointment with your consultant. I hope it is positive news. Best wishes, Jane :x::x::x: