Stage 4 bowel cancer


In hospital- 2nd time in 2 weeks. Chemo postponed

So following what was supposed to be a routine blood test on Monday afternoon but suffering with coughing, no appetite and a high temperature, I found myself having a full CovID check and spending the night in hospital!
Preliminary tests seem to rule out CovID and point more towards a bacterial infection.
Antibiotics seem to be kicking in and I’m feeling better but I’ve got to stay in a few more days whilst they try and find out what or where it is. Once they do I will be given the right antibiotics to sort it.
One bit of positive news is that following an ultrasound of my liver they don’t think my liver met has grown since I came off Lonsurf! Worst news is the start of my chemo will be postponed again🤬😢
This bloody cancer is determined to get me in any way it can

El Ivan

Hi @Chelts I hope things are picking up for you? I spent a lot of time in 2018 in and out of hospital with Sepsis which I never thought I’d see the back of. Finally got there in the end but it was a long slog and certainly takes it out if you, but you’ll get there.
Good luck, Ivan :x:


Hi @Chelts thinking of you and wondered how you are doing? Px


Thanks for asking and your caring thoughts everyone.
So...... after my second 5 days in hospital I’m sat on my bed waiting for the discharge notes and then I’ll call the current wife to come and pick me up.
They still haven’t found the cause of my sepsis but my temperature is back under control.
They’re sending me home with my own intravenous drip and a strong dose of antibiotics to hopefully kill off the sepsis for good.


hi @Chelts so hoping that your drip and antibiotics get rid of the sepsis once and for all,sure it will be good to get back home , take care cheers john. :x:


@Chelts sooo hoping it kicks it into touch!! XxxxLots of love Annie xxx 💕


@Chelts Nothing like home, hope you had a good nights rest and manage to kick the sepsis into oblivion, take care :x::x:


Thinking of you @Chelts and your 'current wife'!! I hope that the antibiotics work their magic and I'm sure that will happen. Love and and strength, Gypsyxxxx


Slight problem- within an hour of getting home I have developed a pain below my right rib in the gall bladder area! Really painful if I take a deep breath or sneeze.
Had no pains at all whilst in hospital and all scans came back clear including at CT on Thursday.
Really don’t want to go back in again!!
Any idea?


@Chelts I hope you’ve made a call even if for reassurance. The pain that I have had has always been in that area post op, today, 3 weeks and two infections later, is the first time it’s not there, hopefully you will be there soon too. :x::x:


Oh no @Chelts just about to say glad you’re home but then read about your pain. I would definitely contact the ward to get some further advice. As I said before, perhaps ask whether a contrast CT scan might be helpful as I believe this can show things that an ordinary CT can’t and is how my husband’s kidney infection causing the sepsis was eventually found, after ordinary CT showing everything as being ok. I think it is important that they find the source of your sepsis, if they can, otherwise you may find that you keep getting recurring infections. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get it sorted soon :x:


Oh no @Chelts! Not what you needed at all! I'm inclined to agree and would encourage you to contact either the ward or out of hours GP service. Hopefully it will settle and turn out to be nothing to worry about.

Sending love

Karen 💜💛❤️💚💙


Off to see the OOH GP at 17:15.
Got my sleepover bag packed (again!)


Oh no @Chelts ! Sorry to hear this but definitely needs checking out. Fingers crossed, Jane :x::x:


Goodness @Chelts so hope you don't have to go in again and the pain goes. Thinking of you Px


Good luck with the OOH GP @Chelts :x:


Hi @Chelts, I really hope you haven’t had to go back into hospital :x::x:

foster mum

Hi @Chelts , hope things are going ok. Thinking of you :x:


GP didn’t think it was serious enough for me to stay in hospital. So back home on paracetamol to see how it goes


That’s good news @Chelts, I really hope you get better really quickly ready for your next cycle :x::x:


Just reading through this thread as my mum been rushed into hospital. Hope you are feeling better now @Chelts ? That sounds quite an ordeal you've been through