Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


I'm petrified!

I had stage 2 bowel cancer at the end of last year. After surgery I was told I had no affected lymph nodes and I thought after Chemo I'd be ok. After having my follow up CT scan I was told they've found something on my lung which was a big shock. I was put on tablets for anxiety a couple of months ago. My acan is in a couple of weeks and the closer it gets the worse I feel. I don't know how to handle it.


Hi @sammyjn, a very warm welcome to the forum from me. I am so sorry that you are going through this worrying wait for CT scan.

I wonder whether getting back in touch with your GP might help, - perhaps your medication can be tweaked? Everyone on here can relate to the enormous anxiety associated with the waiting. I think you can only do one day at a time and keep as busy as you can.

There is some good emotional support around, - Macmillan offer telephone support and Penny Brohn UK has a number of on-line self help activities.

Take very good care and please stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Dear @sammyjn, just sending you love and huge hugs too. I know I can't reassure you just now as to what this might be but can only empathise with you and say, will be here for you too. You will handle the scan and the outcome of it, whatever that might be and we will all be here to help and support you. If the tablets are helping you cope, then so be it just now but try your hardest not to go in for catastrophic thinking either. That's really all the advice I can give just now but supportive thoughts and hugs coming your way. Loads of love, Gypsyxxx

Liz Blakelands

Hi @sammyjn I think everyone gets really anxious when they have a scan or blood test or further investigation approaching. The imagination takes over. It certainly took me by surprise. This is how it affected me, 18 months from diagnosis, reversal had gone well, I was enjoying walking 5 odd miles a day. Then I started to suddenly take a gulp of air every so often. And it got worse. I went to GP to see what it was. She was really lovely and asked lots of questions then said I think it is anxiety, what do you think? I said it could be, I'm terrified of the cancer coming back. She told me to try relaxing or meditation techniques (I restarted cycling). How could worrying cause that but it did. I also felt better because I'd voiced the fear. It made me realise why a friend who had had cancer said to me shortly after I had been diagnosed 'if you feel fine today , then you are fine'. It is very hard but try to keep negative thoughts at bay. Big hugs Liz :x::x:


Hi @sammyjn sorry to hear this. Have the confirmed the lung thing is something connected to cancer? Sometimes things show up that are benign or end up being nothing so please do try not to worry xxd


Thanks Liz Blakeland, I'll try some relaxtion techniques. Louise28 because of the pandemic I was just told this over the phone and as it came as a bit of a shock I didn't ask any questions. The next day I rang the Colorectal nurse and she said it was non-specific, that just means they don't know what itvis I think


Think positive and positive things generally happen. Feel assured that after all your previous experience, the medical team will be on the ball and doing the very best for you they can.
My experience was the medical team that dealt with me were non comittal at times simply because they didn't know but once they knew were very positive about the treatment the results showed.
Whist understanding your fears, my suggestion FWIW, is be positive and deal with results accordingly. Chin up, I know it's hard not knowing but you know your team will be there for you.


Hello @sammyjn, I had exactly the same experience some years ago. I too was stage II. Had to wait for a second scan three months later and the lung spot was gone. It appears this is quite common as a result of an infection. I realise how anxious you must be but try to get as much support to manage it as you can and keep occupied with good things in your life. Positive energies coming your way from me.


Hi @sammyjn, I am so sorry you are having to wait for a scan. It is the worst time waiting - I do wish they could do things immediately so we don’t have to go through this. However you need to try and keep yourself busy doing nice things - I know easier said than done. You don’t know it’s cancer yet and it’s a good thing they are looking after you and checking so they can do something about it if it is. Get all the help you can and please go back to your GP or look for help with McMillan or Penny Brohn as others have suggested. Sending big hugs and lots of love :x::x::x::x:


I just echo the above @sammyjn. Although no one on here can know for sure either way, I was definitely told that 'lesions' can and do come up in lungs and can also go away again, or change shape or shrink etc. There is so much worry in this, I know, but take a deep breath or two and also, as others say, keep as busy and occupied as far you possibly can. :x::x::x::x::x:


Dear @sammyjn I have rung the Macmillan support team and they were fantastic at the time I needed them, they also said how good this forum is and it really is. Please don’t try to battle this by yourself because the waiting is an awful time. We all use advice and help differently but I’m certain there’s something here to help you. Please take care :x::x:


Welcome to the forum @sammyjn
Sorry that you have all this worry.
As others have said it is awful waiting results and I hope that your GP can help you and that you can access some of the support resources mentioned.
Take care and hope you get good results when they come.
Jane :x::x:


Thanks for the advice everyone. My scan is on 6th December and my follow up appointment is on 16th, I'll let you all know the results


Hi @sammyjn It could be anything I guess at this stage, little bits and bobs appear all the time so good to have another scan. Is this one another CT or an ultrasound maybe? just to get a closer look I'd imagine

Quote from @louise28:
Hi @sammyjn It could be anything I guess at this stage, little bits and bobs appear all the time so good to have another scan. Is this one another CT or an ultrasound maybe? just to get a closer look I'd imagine

Its a CT scan, I don't really know what for, I didn't really ask any questions, it came as a bit of a shock when I was told over the phone

Quote from @louise28:
Hi @sammyjn It could be anything I guess at this stage, little bits and bobs appear all the time so good to have another scan. Is this one another CT or an ultrasound maybe? just to get a closer look I'd imagine

It's another CT scan!


@sammyjn okay, it sounds like maybe they are doing a watch and wait if you had a scan a few months ago and they want to see if there is any change. I've seen a good few cases in forum where someone had a non-determinate spot somewhere or inflammation and then it disappeared a few months later. I'll keep my fingers crossed that is the case for you. Could you ask for more information? Maybe just call back and say you are extremely worried, etc. What about CEA or bloods have they alerted the team to an issue? :x: