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Feeling fed up and back in hospital

Well I thought my Ileostomy reversal had gone well last Friday. I was discharged on Wednesday but Friday evening my temperature went up to 39 so back to hospital. Now feeling completely awful but it didn’t help that I was on a trolley all night. Now thankfully on a ward and just seen a lovely consultant. They think it may be an internal leak. Hopefully ct scan soon so they can decide on a plan of action 😥


Hi @Lucy118 hope you’ve had a good day it’s great to feel better. I was sent home but I’m worried because of the smell, tmi I know! Anyway I’ve to ring the gp tomorrow so 🤞going back into hospital seemed such a step backwards, but I’m not certain now, although it’s no fun you get out right! Take care and keep recovering well xx

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Hi @molly2me, I’m so glad you didn’t end up going back into hospital. It sounds like they’re keeping a close eye on you which is good. Wishing you a speedy recovery


Hi @Lucy118 Hoping you are home soon! :x:


Hi @molly2me, I’ve felt much better today thank you. I think I’ll be here a little longer though until they’re happy. I’ll keep my fingers crossed your GP is happy tomorrow and your wound heals. They may want to put you on antibiotics. :x::x::x:


Hi @Lucy118 I am so sorry to read that you are back in hospital and just terrible that you had to spend a night on a trolley. Not what you need. I am so glad to hear you don’t need another operation. That’s a relief. Hope you are feeling better and can go home soon. :x::x:


How are you doing @Lucy118 ? I hope you are feeling much better! Px


Morning @Lucie and @Poppies, I am feeling much better thank you and was discharged yesterday afternoon, (apologies I put an update on Gypsy’s post). It was really lovely to be back in my own bed and I slept really well.
I am so pleased @Lucie you will be able to enjoy Christmas with chemo starting in the new year. :x::x::x:

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Glad you are back to your own bed at last @Lucy118. Hope your are feeling better soon :x::x:


That’s good news @Lucy118 I am pleased P :x:


Glad to hear you’re feeling much better @Lucy118 and are now back in your own bed. There’s no place like it ☺️. :x::x:


Hi @Lucy118 onwards and upwards :x::x::x:


@Lucy118 what good news...:x:


@Lucy118 great news that you are home!


Hi @Lucy118 your home and to start chemo after Christmas? Now that’s fantastic news if I’ve read it right, so chuffed for you and you can rest now knowing your plans are in place :x::x:


@Lucy118 Great to read that you are now back home and hope that you are feeling better each day :x::x:


Wonderful you are back home and in your own bed @Lucy118 I remember the feeling of absolute bliss getting into my own bed when I came back from hospital. Hope you have a rapid recovery. :x::x:


Hi @molly2me, I’ve completed chemo. I was referring to Lucie starting. It’s lovely to be home. Hopefully it won’t take too long for my bowel to reach the new normal :x::x:


Thank you @Jane39 and @Lucie. It’s so lovely to be home and I’m feeling stronger each day :x::x: