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Exercise Bike Recommendations

Hi All,
As part of my attempt to be more healthy I was hoping for your exercise bike recommendations. Had been thinking of a fold up one as not got too much space, but are they any good, sturdy enough?
Thank you


hi @Fiji are you thinking of a cycle for outdoors, or in the house like a turbo trainer, and also what type of budget are you thinking of, cheers john. :x::x::x:


Hi @cyclingjohnny for in the house- decent budget- I was considering a peloton but obviously they r v expensive with a monthly layout too & thought if I didn’t use it that much it would d be a real waste! :x:


We recently bought this one from Decathlon -

It seems very good so far and I like the fact parts are guaranteed available for ten years. Have used the cheaper folding ones in the past which have had bits inside snap due to wear and tear, and this is way sturdier.


hi @Fiji I have just been looking at some on amazon, I am no expert on these as I opted for rollers to ride my own bike on in bad weather, but the one's that start at about £400 look good, what you don't want to do is spend a good chunk of money and then find that it's not really what you wanted to do, usually with gear like this you get what you pay for, I will ask my friend who runs a bike shop if he has any info on good brands and will get back to you, take care cheers john. :x::x::x:


Hi @Fiji I got a basic one that folds up neatly from argos....Opti folding exercise bike £79.99.


Hi @Fiji
I'm very late to this thread but thought I'd pass on some advice as I took the plunge and acquired a (second hand but little used) Peloton in January this year. I'm a keen cyclist but winter in Scotland is often a sufficient deterrent so decided to upgrade from my turbo and go for it. I'm hugely impressed with the quality of the hardware but what I didn't expect was the variety of classes available for all round exercise. Some of the classes are a bit 'American' if you choose them, but more and more UK instructors coming on line and it's helped me stay massively motivated through the winter for the price of a gym membership. So, in summary, not cheap but I think worth the outlay. Hope it's helpful.