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Developing pain after surgery

I had a laparoscopic LAR three and a half weeks ago, and in general it all went pretty well - out of hospital on day 6 and have been alright at home in general, wounds have all healed well, dealing fine with the ileostomy, increasing my walking distance gradually, maintaining weight etc.

However I am really struggling with a sharp pain which goes from the leftmost point of the large incision to roughly my hip bone. It is exacerbated by movement and feels like someone is pressing a hot knife into me. I mentioned it to the colorectal nurse about a fortnight after surgery, who said it was probably just from my insides being pulled around during the op, and then also mentioned it to the surgeon earlier this week who prodded it a bit and said it might be a small hernia developing.

Does this tally with other people's experience of a developing hernia or normal post-surgery pain? This was my first ever op so I have no comparison point. I know recovery isn't linear but this feels like it's getting worse and is really starting to get me down, and I don't want to just take painkillers to mask it and risk causing more damage.


I had something similar after LAR but it only hurt when I moved in certain positions and would take me by surprise.

I saw a surgeon who said it was most likely nerve damage from surgery and it did slowly go


I think if it’s getting worse I would mention it again and see if they think it should be checked out. Not sure if it’s the same thing but starting many weeks after surgery I had the hot knife type scar pain when I used certain muscles. I thought it could be adhesions starting to form. It also bulged a bit which I think was a lump of scar tissue. In my case I massaged it in idle moments to try and break it down and that did seem to work after a while. Hope it improves soon


@ElEff it’s not the same position as yours but I had excruciating pain in my back after surgery. Hurt to lie And hurt to move. I was told this was likely nerve damage from surgery. I managed this with paracetamol and after couple of weeks it improved and I don’t have it now. But I think you should check again in case it is a hernia. Do you have hernia support for your illestomy. I got a belt from my suppliers Respond for use with exercise or lifting to support and protect stoma. :x:


@ElElff, please keep an eye on it and if it doesn’t improve speak to your colorectal nurse, I do hope it improves soon. I did have various pains several months after surgery but it was nothing too bad :x::x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@ElEff I had a pain that developed a couple of weeks after my op, sharp and sudden, like an electric shock, I was told it was where nerves had been cut and that it would stop after a while. It did after a couple of months. I never took any pain killers because always just a sudden sharp pain.

Not sure that helps you. I suggest keeping a diary of when the pain happens then you will be able to quantify the amount of increase or decrease in pain to surgeon.

Hope it goes away soon.

Big hug :x::x:


Thanks @acrorat @marathonlady @bowelbehavingbadly @Lucy118 and @Liz Blakelands. It's good to know I'm not alone at least!

I've got a support belt on order at the moment which I've told should be with me in about a fortnight so I'm hoping that will give some relief. I'm finding it so hard not to be able to do anything physical/pick the baby up which I can just about cope with as a temporary 6-8 week thing, but the idea that it might go on indefinitely was really getting to me and I had a bit of a wobble.

Keeping a diary is a great idea, as is the massage, and I'll definitely go back to them if it carries on for too long. Thank you all. :x:

Stella 2020

I hope you will feel better soon @ElEff :x::x: