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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Research study report on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness for cancer patients

Following a research study that reported cancer patients may not be as protected by the first dose of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine, Bowel Cancer UK have more info about this on our website:

We're also pushing for more research into vaccine effectiveness for cancer patients, and we'll be raising it with the vaccine minister as well.


Does this mean it has lower effectiveness if you are being actively treated for cancer or for those who have had the ops and chemo and are continuing to have scans but no treatment?

I had the first Pfizer five weeks ago. No sign of second one yet.


That's what I'm wondering is it lower effectiveness because you have cancer or because of chemotherapy

foster mum

I am having my 2nd tomorrow, 6 weeks after the first one.vivien :x:


That is very interesting and a little worrying as we wait 12 weeks for our follow up jag. I have messaged our NHS board and it is likely they will ask for a link to the actual research. Is this available anywhere?

Richard Staff (Support and Information)
Quote from @knsue1:
That's what I'm wondering is it lower effectiveness because you have cancer or because of chemotherapy

Hi @knsue1 all the info we've received didn't provide details of this, so colleagues have reached out to them in order to get further clarity. I'll update you all when I hear more.


This study albeit relatively small, is very worrying given that if we were to receive the vaccine with a 3 week interval as was the manufacturers recommendations, we may well have achieved around 95% protection versus 43%.

This information may be very useful for anyone who has just had their first vaccine to negotiate their second one 3 weeks later?

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Thanks Richard.


Very worrying. I was fortunate that I got second dose 5 weeks after first. Didn’t realise I was as protected as I thought. I agree with @Baxter2 this might prompt others to think about fighting for second dose earlier. Seems again cancer patients losing out again. 🥲