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When to have my 2nd jab

I’ve been told by my team to have my 2nd covid jab during my week off . Does anyone know if it messes with the results of your blood test ? As I don’t wAnt anything to get in the way of my 2nd cycle .


Morning @dawnramsayrae, this is a question for your medical team - which you have done! They wouldn’t give you this advice if it was going to interfere with your blood results and defer treatment. Honestly, trust them 😀. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @dawnramsayrae had my second vaccine last Tuesday on my week off and am back in chemo unit tomorrow for cycle 9 of 12. My team said same thing best to have it in week off so no it doesn’t interfere with your bloods. Had the first vaccine in my week off too. :x::x:

Polly 1

My husband had his second last Sunday - he has his next chemo tomorrow(Thursday).

He was just told to have it in the second week but not the day before chemo. It was a bit harder to fit in this time as our GP hub was closed over the Bank Holiday weekend so he had to go to the nearest main vaccine hub instead.


Hi @dawnramsayrae - I had my second jab on my week off treatment when I was on XELOX. Minimal side effects. Good luck.


Hi @dawnramsayrae - I was told to have it ideally in my week off but if not possible at anytime. First dose was in my week off with no issues and second dose was during the first week of cycle 5 of Capecitabine as the centre was struggling to get the Pfizer vaccine. Again no issues. Good luck.


I had my second jab (Pfizer) immediately after my chemo pump was removed. No immediate side effects but the following day I was so tired and slept most of the day. Onco reckoned it was because of the jab and chemo being so close together.

Off week is best.

Take care and good luck.