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Stoma names?- a little light hearted post.....

Morning all fellow Stoma club members (must think of a catchier title)'

Another post got me thinking and started this light hearted post to see if its got legs....

Quite simply - have you named your stoma and what was the reason for the name?...I know of 2 other so far so keen to know others :)

Keep smiling,

Glitterbug :x::x:

greyhound gal

My little one is called Beryl. I talk to her sometimes and give her a friendly pat, and I do introduce her to people.
When she misbehaves, she gets told off! She's then, Beryl the Peril!!


I've dubbed mine Stan.....i told the kids i had brought hime a little buddy who can sometimes be a bit cheeky, but we can all jusy say excuse me in his behalf. Today at lunch (we had a a houseful) stan let out a rather rude son heard and looked at me with a mixtureod mirth and astonishment....and gave me a little "we're in this togther' grin. He is being fabulous.


Hi. Mine is Stella the stoma. Nameing her just helped me to accept her as part of me for life.When I'm out and I say 'just got to change Stella' my friends and family all know what I'm talking about!


Hi Mine is Stevie The Stoma. I live in a household of men and Stevie is a great source of amusement and gets the blame for every smell, noise and stain. Stevie is in fact a very well-behaved, quiet, life-saving friend who will be leaving us in March. My worry is that after the reversal I will be the one who will be making every smell, noise and stain. :-/

lorraine grant

Stumpy.....I like it fine.


I went for Bob. Years ago I used to ride a horse called Bob who was also a little shit! So thought it was fitting.
I think it’s a lot easier when I say just gonna go and give Bob a new blanket (change bag) or when he farts esp when in work meetings I then say Yes I’ll excuse you Bob, we can have some funny conversations, good jobs my husband and work colleagues know me so well. :x::x:


I called my colostomy Colin and was very good mates with him.
My current ileostomy is called Lily and to say we have an icy relationship would be an understatement. She’s a nightmare- throwing up in the bed, incontinent, smelly and generally confrontational.
Looking forward to the divorce!


I only had mine fitted on Monday night after a replacement stent didn't work.
My bag for life is all I have come up with so far. Still have no idea/ confidence how to use/ care for it


@Marcus Hello there, how are you doing? It sound as though your new sidekick was a little unexpected... whatever the reason it had to be necessary.... you’ll be alright with it soon honest....
Your stoma nurses are the experts.... stomas take a little getting used to, but you will get there.... how about naming him Asda then if you’re sticking with the bag for life!?!🤣🤣
You’ll go home with supplies enough... maybe make up a couple of emergency kits, one for the car, one for the office....if one brand of product doesn’t work for you try another... the manufacturers will send out free samples...
you don’t have to love your stoma, but you do have to decide to live your life with it, and don’t let it stop you achieving your dreams.... you can do it...😁


Thank you for the message. Good idea about the emergancy kits. Working with stoma nurses daily now as independence with the stoma is one of my discharge criteria


I'm thinking "Boris".............. for obvious reasons 😉


Sylvanus!!!!!! Amongst many others 😂😂😂 :x::x::x:


I think I have selected Bilbo (Baggins) for my new stoma bag.

greyhound gal

Hi @Marcus ! Nothing better to do at 4:42am? Ha ha!

I think Bilbo is a great name! :x::x:


Bilbo..... perfect!🤣 @Marcus
Did you get some sleep in the end? K :x:


Steroids don't help with sleep patterns!

Quote from @snowsister:
Bilbo..... perfect!🤣 @Marcus
Did you get some sleep in the end? K

Yes some, hoping to have reduced steroid dose after Tuesday. Mucks my sleep patterns up


Did think of calling my twin stomas Laurel and Hardy. Laurel for urostomy as it always outputs drops (tears) and Hardy for the colostomy as it always produces another fine mess.


Me and Lily the Illy have fallen out big time to such an extent that I have consulted with a divorce lawyer (consultant) and we are working to get divorced and have her removed in the next couple of months!


Mine hasn't arrived yet (waiting for surgery) but I have already named him Sonny ☺️
I already have a few clothes for him (cute bag covers) as if I'm preparing to bring home a baby 🤣