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Latest scan - positive but…

My latest ct scan (8 months since finishing chemo) showed liver, lungs and abdo clear, but it was noted that one lymph node looked inflamed near surgery site. Recommended to do an MRI in 3 months to keep an eye on it. My surgeon thinks it’s likely nothing sinister but I’m now panicking. Anyone else had anything similar? Thanks all


I had this after lung resection surgery last May. They monitored my lymph nodes and at Christmas I had 15 rounds of radiotherapy to tackle the lymph nodes. This seems to have done the trick for me so far I’m just being monitored 3 monthly scans


Hi @owalley good that it was clear for the most part. Sounds lik3 your team are being cautious which is good! How is cea etc? Inflamed nodes are not an uncommon finding but i guess a follow up scan will hopefully show theyve gone down!

Liz Blakelands

@owalley Look to the positive, you have had a clear scan and your medical team are taking really good care, doting all the 'i's and crossing all the 't's. Sounds like you are in good hands :x::x:


Thanks @louise28 @Liz Blakelands

CEA remains below 2 (but always has), all other bloods look normal. As you say hopefully caution and MRI will show they’ve gone down. 🤞 hope you are both doing well


And thanks @joshort, great that it did the trick for you!!


Hi @owalley, hopefully it’s nothing. It’s good your team are looking after you. I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you :x::x:


To close this off (since I’m sure others will have similar worries in future) I had the follow up MRI last week and the doc confirmed today that the worrying node is now back to normal size so all remains clear, next CT in 6 months. Phew 👍


Hi @owalley take the LL&A clear yay and the maybe LN 👁 and try to enjoy :x::x:


Wonderful news @owalley!

Lots of love,

Karen 💛💙❤️💜💚


Fantastic news @owalley :x::x::x:


This is great news @owalley! I understand why you are panicking about the lymph node but I would hold onto the surgeon’s opinion. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


That's such great news @owalley! Enjoy the 6 months now. Love Cathxx


This is great news, @owalley a lot of worry for you but great they were so thorough! :x::x:


Great news @owalley Take care cheers John :x:


Glad to hear the great news @owally. Take care. Lisa :x:


Hi @owalley great to hear your good news
Take care