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Covid antibodies

There has been talk of people with immune problems not responding to the covid vaccines particularly well; I am aware some forum members have had antibody tests after covid or post vaccine, was anyone given any indication of how successful they have been on an individual level (I appreciate there hasn't been enough research to produce statistics yet)?
I had an antibodies test and was told it was positive (excellent) but was given the figure of U/ml 6.9 🤔 Anyone else got a number?


Good morning @bettebette, I am not 100% sure that all private tests use the same units or criteria for recording antibodies although it would make sense if they do!

My test was through and my results were > 2500 U/mL which is very high. I have also read that it is the presence of any antibodies that is important rather than the number.

Furthermore my understanding is that this kind of test doesn’t check for all kinds of immune system responses such as T cells?

I don’t know if this helps, Kim :x::x:

PS - I have moved this post to the Coronavirus section so that everything is kept together as far as possible


Thank you for this response @Lirio345 and for putting my query in the right place.
Your response sounds marvellous if U/ml count is valuable.
I am going to begin a new treatment for lung disease and inflammation next month (not bc) and therefore am having all sorts of additional test/blood tests.
Thank you for the link too, this is what it says re my question if anyone else has a similar query:

My positive interpretation of 0.8-10 U/mL following vaccination feels low. Should I be worried?

The most important thing is that your body is shown to have responded to the vaccine by creating neutralising antibodies. A study and by Public Health Scotland across 1.4m individuals shows that having had a vaccine greatly reduces your chance of becoming seriously ill and being admitted to hospital. At this time it is not clear whether the level of antibodies directly equates to the level of protection. The most important thing is that you have “seroconverted” and created a measurable antibody response.

Thanks again Kim, with best wishes :x::x::x:


Hope you lung procedures go well @bettebette, and for sharing that response which fits with what I had read. Take care Kim :x::x:


I had the same test as Kim is referring too. (@Lirio345) and also had a reading of >2500U/ml ( I am on Immunotherapy/ Nivolumab).
My understanding is the same as you discuss - the presence of antibodies being the important factor.
Best Wishes
Jane :x::x:


Hi @Jane39 thank you for answering. It sounds as though you have had a good response which is reassuring.
I obviously have some antibodies but 6.9 sounds a bit pathetic.
I am going to be given Mepolizumab by vaccine for 12 months to try to reduce lung inflammation caused by eosinophils (white blood cells) which I overproduce leaving me with as many problems as a low immune system would, hence I had the test.
Sending you good wishes and thanks again :x::x::x: