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Hey all 👋 … UPDATED

It’s been a while, so I thought I would give you all an update on my current situ:

I have been on maintenance folfiri + cetux on and off since Dec 19 and although this regime is doing a pretty decent job on my lungs it has however left a previous Gamma knifed brain tumour to flourish. Over the last three months or so, I have been having tests (MRI perfusion to name one) to see if the increasing brain thing is tumour/ scarring/ or the dreaded necrosis (which can rarely happen with gamma knife) and it was resulted as unconfirmed. Over the last couple of months my disability has taken a bit of a nose dive (Issues with walking, balance, migraines, dizziness, constant headaches) and low and behold another a recent MRI has indeed confirmed that a re-growing brain tumour (right frontal lobe) is indeed the culprit.

So to the plans:

1, Do nada! Which would mean stopping maintenance chemo as there would be no point being on chemo if it’s no working in what is deemed a priority area and I would change from oncology to the palliative care team with a bucket load of steroids and a dog poo prognosis of a few mths!

2, Further gamma knife/radiotherapy. My team (and via brain MDT) were not overly keen to radio a previous radio’d area as radiotherapy comes with it’s own aftermath joys although it is still an amazing tool when it comes to treating the C.

3, Get it whipped out! Which is exactly what I have chosen to do tomorrow 🤯! Of course, there are risks with this too (as there are with every surgical procedure) as supposedly the tumour is quite deep in the brain and in a very ‘complex’ area and there is a chance (50/50) that my left side(leg/arm) may be permanently disabled (lucky I am right handed, eh 😉?). BUT! there is also a chance that the bloody brain thing is taken out of my cancer equation altogether! So after acting liking a petulant child for a while saying, ‘I cant do this anymore’ it is very much a chance I’m willing to take and am grabbing with both hands (well, more my right hand 😉) and If all is successful (which it will be 💪🏼) I will then go back on to maintenance folfiri + cetuximab chemo for my lungs.

So there we have it, procedure number 10 (3x lung resections, 2 :x: lung ablations, liver resection, LAR, Ileostomy revesal, brain blob Gamma knife) is to take place on Monday 6th Sept. Papping myself a tad, but can’t tell you what a huge relief it is to be offered yet another life line! I also want to give a big, massive, shout-out to team NHS too, as without them, I’d be currently having my morning coffee with Elvis. I have been very, very fortunate throughout the last 7+ years of living with BC to have such a great team and to be afforded the treatment I have and I will never ever take that for granted.

Loads of love to you amazing lot and here’s to a new brain 😀💕

Marie :x::x::x::x:

P.s. Special times with special friends alert 💕 - This week, Karen @Baxter2, kim @Lirio345 and I met up in beautiful Edinburgh and had an absolute blast! And am now very much counting down to our next girls-on-tour trip. I’m thinking Ibiza 🤔😉 :x::x::x:


Thankyou 😘 :x::x::x::x:

Quote from @kawa909:
Hi @mem great news that the op was a success and fingers crossed for you for the MRI.


Hi @mem I have just read your post. What an amazing woman you are!! 💪👏😍So glad you are recovering well. Beautiful picture of you all. 👌💕


Ah, thankyou @LouLoubelle 😘. You’re pretty amazing yourself btw :x::x:


Thankyou Sandra @bowelbehavingbadly and sending love back to you too 😘 :x::x:


Hi @mem . Great to hear that your surgery went well, has been a success and you are now doing well. Keep on rockin! :x::x: B-)❤️❤️

Ashford Al

Your a brave warrior Mem god bless you.


Thankyou so much @chris61 and @Ashford Al ☺️. Hope you’re both doing ok :x::x:


Not been on here for a long time, (was Floss) but wishing you all the best in your procedure and recovery. :x:


Thankyou @Flossie07 😘:x::x:


Another oldie here! Mem you are such a shining star. So happy to see such good news from you. You helped so much six years ago and you are still such a support to everyone here. You are much valued. Hope you still have some poo pourri in your bag! Love Kittyxxxx


Hey @Kitty 😀! Thankyou for your lovely message, it is SO lovely to hear from you! Has it really been 6yrs?! Yes! A little bottle of Poo Pourri still has pride of place in my hand bag! I remember that conversation well 😂.

Thankyou again for your lovely message and I hope all is going well for you?

Love Marie :x::x:


It was inspirational & honest posts and comments like this @mem that made me finally become an "active" rather than silent member of this amazing community. Hope you and the girls make Ibiza and do it BIG !! Ian :x::x:


Awww touched that you remember me. Yes all OK now - just on five year colonoscopies now. I think about it most days though. Stay well lovely.


I think that should be Stay well, lovely. Given that I’m not Welsh!


Well, I’m really pleased you did @thommo999 and thankyou SO much again 😘
Marie :x::x:


Of course I remember you @Kitty. I quite often think back to ‘those days’ and the lovely members that have quite rightly moved on. I can imagine you do think about the C most days; it’s certainly a huge thing to forget! Thankyou again for getting touch and you stay very very well too 😘.
Marie :x::x:


Just read your journey, wow what an amazing lady you are and so strong. I think your positive attitude and sense of humour are defiantly helping fight this. Keep being you 💪❤


Thankyou @Zara for your lovely message 😘😘 :x::x:


You are, in a word, AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️