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Extremely worried awaiting Ct results

First time posting, I'm wondering if anyone here has experienced similar situation to me.
I'm 36 years old and have a history of constipation from a child but 7 months ago noticed my stools were very very dark, i started with a pain in my left side like a dull ache but I doesn't go away im always aware of it and no energy everything always an effort. I went to the gp had bloods taken showed up that I was anemic, CRP was raised and ESR raised. Had a fit test which came back below 0.3 the gp said no further action. I wasn't happy with this as I still felt unwell I went to a and e and was sent home with laxatives and told I was constipated. Again I wasn't happy I just feel I'm not right so I arranged to pay private and saw a consultant who arranged a ct colon which I had on Monday 6th Sept. I'm now awaiting the results and feel anxious that they are going to find something. Does my story relate to anyone here and any advise would be much appreciated


hi @welshbubble sorry to hear of the worry & you are in the right place to get any advice & or support you are looking for.
Not all of those with symptoms are diagnosed with BC so you may find there is another medical reason not linked to BC causing your issues.
There is plenty of reading material on this site that you can reference using the links at the top of this page that may alleviate some of your worries if you have not found them already, as I found this the case when I first came on here.
Sending love & hugs
Take care


Hello @welshbubble, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry that you have concerns about your health.

The difficulty with your question is that people experience a whole range of symptoms if they have Bowel Cancer, and as I am sure you are aware a diagnosis is usually confirmed by a colonoscopy and/or CT scan. There are many many Bowel problems that can cause these symptoms so unfortunately you have to sit tight and wait for the results, which is agonising I know.

Please let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x:


Hello @welshbubble, you're doing absolutely the right thing getting further tests to help reassure you.

I would take the FIT test result as being a very good sign. The symptoms you have could be caused by a myarid of things and do not necessarily mean it's cancer. Keep us posted.


Hi @welshbubble , I am so sorry that you have health concerns. Did your GP give you any explanation for the anaemia? Very hopefully this is not cancer related though. Wishing you all the best, Cathxx