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Covid 19 when you have a Ileostomy advice.

So I’ve tested positive for covid 19, I feel absolutely shocking I knew it wasn’t normal flu or a cold. I’m reading to increase fluids which I have to anyway due to my Ileostomy and kidney stone, (yes I don’t don’t things by half) 🙄 thing is my throat feels like I’m swallowing razor blades so unable to eat or drink anything. Yesterday my bag filled up several times with water, I’m scared of dehydration but I can’t even swallow my own saliva it’s that painful, I just woke up dribbling. I’ve had to cancel a couple of appointments this week due to self isolation but got my first cancer follow up next week so really hope I’m well enough by then, any one had covid got any tips on staying hydrated and how long does it take to start feeling a bit better 😢:x::x:


Good morning @Worried_Jay, so sorry to hear how poorly you are, but you really need to get medical advice on this. I presume you are waiting on test results to confirm that you have covid? If not these is your next step as well as contacting your GP or NHS 111 urgently, - this could of course be a throat infection for example.

I speak from experience of dehydration, - you are right that this is vey important to avoid - whilst you are waiting for medical guidance, anything that helps with the throat pain (says available from chemist etc) will help you swallow. Probably best to use Diarolyte as well?

The most important thing is to get medical advice today. Please let us know how you get on, and take very good care, Kim :x::x:

Stella 2020

Hi @Worried_Jay , there are some nasty colds around so it may or may not be COVID. It is best to get a PCR test asap. You can also get lateral flow tests from pharmacy anywhere so you can home test. Give your GP a ring and see what they suggest for analgesic. :x::x:


Sorry it should have said I have tested positive, my son gets the lateral flow tests from school so I did 2 yesterday which were both positive, luckily my husband and children are all negative. My husband has just got me some throat spray from the chemist which gives short term relief so trying to gulp some water, I’ve upped my Imodium melt dose too.


I am so sorry to hear you’ve tested positive @Worried_Jay I agree that due to rehydration you’d be better seeking medical advice as this is vital with illeostomy. Hopefully you start to feel
Better soon. :x::x::x::x:


Thanks @Lirio345 @Stella 2020 and @bowelbehavingbadly I’ve finally just had a call back from my GP surgery and all they have said is to keep hydrated. Self isolate and asked who lived with me. So they didn’t advise anything I didn’t already know. I know the signs of dehydration which I had when I had kidney stone so will monitor it. My throat isn’t as painful at the moment so drinking as much as I possibly can, it’s at its worse during the night and early morning :x::x:


hi @Worried_Jay so sorry that you are having a rough time and GP's don't sound very helpful, just wondering if it's worth ringing the stoma nurse as they might have some tips on helping in regards to the hydration, hope you start to feel better soon take care cheers john.:x::x::x:


Thank you @cyclingjohnny i should have called them first, I’ll do so tomorrow. Also I’ve just been catching up with some posts on here, I’m so sorry to read about your latest news. Hope everything goes well with your appointment tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you :x::x:


@Worried_Jay can you get some rehydration powder sachets to take just to keep you right? At least you know the signs to watch for but maybe better to prevent it getting to dehydration stage. You can get these on prescription. Especially if you are finding it hard to swallow with sore throat. Poor you. I do hope that you feel better. Oh just seen Kim @Lirio345 advised similar re sachets only she was able to spell the brand and . 😂. Take care of yourself @Worried_Jay ❤️❤️


Thank you @bowelbehavingbadly my hubby picked me some up earlier but think he’s got me the wrong one it’s Dioralyte Relief. It reduces diarrhoea but I’ve already taken the maximum amount of Imodium melts I don’t want to go the other way :x::x:


Hi @Worried_Jay, I am so sorry you have tested positive and are feeling so rotten. I was always advised by my stoma nurses to mix two sachets of Dioralyte with 250ml of water, if my output was really high. I also was on 16 Imodium tablets a day when on chemo and 12 after chemo. However it’s best to seek advice from your stoma nurse, or if you’re worried you could ring 111. However it’s the stoma nurses and colorectal consultants who can give you the best advice. If you can’t get diarolyte tonight lucozade may help. I was also given an anaesthetic throat spray by my GP when on chemo, which may help you to swallow, so it may be worth ringing your GP again tomorrow to see if they can issue you a prescription for something that will help. I do hope you feel better very soon. Lots of love :x::x::x:

Amanda Sandham

I don't know its of any use, but when I had a throat infection, I was able to suck on ice pops more easily than drinking fluids :x:
Hope you feel better soon :x: