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2 week cancer pathway

I was put on this pathway last week following a positive FIT test of 1400, I have a phone call with a nurse at the hospital on Thursday as a result.
She will go through my history and symptoms before planning what happens next. Is this a route that anyone else has had? My GP told me that I'd have a colonoscopy within the 2wks not just a phone call. Wondering if this is a result of the covid delays?


Hi @ZoeG, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am very sorry you have these worries.

The two week referral process means that the target is that you will be ‘seen’ by a specialist within two weeks. Due to covid a lot of these appointments will be by phone. You may then be referred for further tests if they are thought to be needed.

Please have a look at the link below.

I hope that your appointment goes well, - please let us know. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:



Hi @ZoeG, I think myself that since your GP has indicated a colonoscopy that the phone call will be to discuss things -but that the discussion will include you getting a colonoscopy. They will want you be fully informed of next steps. I don't know obviously but that is how I would read it if it were me. Keep in touch and hope it all goes well for you. Cathxx


Hi @ZoeG after my positive FIT test earlier this yearI had a telephone call appointment a couple of weeks afterwards with a BC screening nurse who discussed what was involved & then I had to agree I was OK with having a colonoscopy & then I had a colonoscopy booked about a month after due to Covid delays.
I had not gone through my GP though as was part of the NHS screening programme as I was over 60.
Hope all goes well.
Take care