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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

NHS launches survey to evaluate COVID antibody levels in people with cancer

The NHS has launched a national COVID Cancer Antibody Survey to assess antibody responses to the COVID-19 vaccines among cancer patients and is calling on people to sign up now.

Vaccination is an important strategy to protect society from the effects of COVID-19, but there is emerging evidence that a small number of cancer patients may have lower levels of antibody response than the general population. We don’t yet fully understand what lower levels of antibodies mean in terms of outcomes, but it may mean some people with cancer are not as protected from COVID-19.

The COVID Cancer Antibody Survey is one of the first surveys of its kind that will help us understand what protection people with cancer develop following COVID-19 infection and/or vaccination. It will also help us understand whether and how antibody response differs between different cancer types and whether any particular treatments affect response to vaccination.

The survey is open to people aged 18 or over living in England who have either been diagnosed with cancer in the last year or are currently receiving cancer treatment. Participants will be sent a finger-prick blood test that looks for antibodies against COVID-19 in the blood. It will be sent in the post and comes with everything needed to complete and return the test.

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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

@cazza20 I've been told by colleagues that you can ignore the bit where it says you have to be in employment. They've said:

"We are aware that, once you have completed registration on and have been directed onto the antibody test booking service, one of the questions that website asks you is to confirm your employment status. Please ignore the text underneath this question, which asks you not to continue if you are not working – you do qualify for an antibody test, regardless of your employment status. Simply answer this question and click ‘continue’ – you will still be able to book your test. We’re assured that the website is being updated imminently, when this message will be removed."

(How it's taken over a week to update a webpage is a bit of a mystery though!)

I hope that clears things up, so please do go ahead and sign up :)

Sally South Downs

@Richard Staff

Hi All - I’ve joined up to the anti body study 👍 I follow Prof Tim Spector and he occasionally answers direct questions. I asked “does chemotherapy knock out vaccines?” And half a day later I was invited to a free zoom conference on 28th Oct at 3pm. I can’t see how to embed a screenshot but here’s a copy and paste:

I think it’s open to anyone via the Zoe Covid app.

Hello Contributor,

You're invited to our next webinar:

Vaccines and the immunosuppressed
Thursday 28th October 2021
3pm BST / 10am ET

Register now!
Over half a million people in the UK have a compromised or suppressed immune system, and rightly want to know more about how COVID vaccines are working for them. Our panel of experts will be discussing how vaccines are working in those with a compromised immune system, what alternatives may be considered, risk of COVID infection and how long antibodies are lasting, if at all.

Visit the registration page to find out more about the speakers and sign up for your chance to ask a question. We'd love to hear about your experiences as well. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 28th October 2021.

Keep safe and keep logging!

Professor Tim Spector
On behalf of the ZOE COVID Study team

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@Richard Staff (Support and Information) @Jane39 @Michelle74 @adnil @Gula or anybody else. Has anybody received the kit for antibody testing? I signed up a while ago but no invitation to request a kit. The reason I'm asking is that my surgery invited me to book a booster. I just wanted to find out bout antibodies before the booster. Wouldn't it make sense?


@Tanguera I've had mine and done it. Unfortunately, they don't give you any details about levels of antibodies, which I found a bit disappointing, just whether you have some or not.


@EIEff Thank you. Yes, That is disappointing. I had an antibody test done privately abroad in June,. At the time I had high levels. I would be curious to find out what it is now, before the booster. :x:


Same here @Tanguera I received mine a couple of weeks ago, sent it back and got the results. No specifics, just that I have antibodies.


Hi @Tanguera i had my booster COVID a couple of weeks ago and had signed up through this site for the antibody test. The kit came within three days and I did my test last Friday and got a message and email on Wednesday this week confirming I had antibodies, but I was happy with that. At least I know my body is making antibodies from the vaccine I have received :x:


Hi @Tanguera
Yes I received my test about a week after I applied. It came back as ‘positive’ to antibodies but no specifics, unlike the private tests available. This was just before my booster. Maybe apply again as I vaguely remember there being something about a slight glitch initially.
Jane :x::x:


Hi, @Tanguera. No, unfortunately I have not received a kit. :x: