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New to site

Hi, I’m Jay, new to this site after discovering it by accident via Instagram - why don’t the NHS signpost you to sites relevant to your cancer? It’s all Macmillan in my area. Anyway, good to have a support forum, I’m days into my 2nd cycle of chemo, trying to manage constipation with meds & alternative remedies & diet but it’s a constant source of worry. I’m off sick from work, so have little else to think about, I do keep myself physically active though, I walk everyday, I’m lucky I live near the coast & countryside. I’m finding the psychological impact the hardest, despite doing my best to stay positive & focused, it can be tough at times, I think having an opportunity to talk to people who ‘get it’ will help. I start a creative writing workshop tomorrow, so that should be interesting, it’s with a local community group Live Well with Cancer (North Shields), if anyone on here lives within distance and didn’t know about it. Jay :)


Hi @jayscats
Welcome to the forum although sorry you have had to find yourself here. This site is fantastic with some amazing and lovely people and I am sure you’ll find it really helpful😘 as I have.

I live not far from North Shields (Benton) so might look into that group you mention although I’m quite busy at the minute with a puppy and kitten and a daughter with some mental and physical health problems - I have lots to deal with so rarely get time to myself!

I have just finished Cycle 2 of 8 mop up Chemo which is the capecitabine tablets only. I have also had a bit of constipation and the Nurse advised Senna was the best thing for it. So far not been too bad for side effects but know its early days. 🤞

I can totally identify with you finding the psychological side of things the hardest - I keep trying to be positive but can’t help constantly thinking each new ache or pain is the cancer coming back. ☹️ I get sleepless nights worrying about the future but try to push the thoughts away.

It’s good that you are going on walks and we are lucky living near the coast and countryside :x::x: The creative writing sounds great - let us know how it goes :x::x:

Best wishes love Julie :x::x:


Hi @jayscats , I’m quite a new member also and likewise just beginning CAPOX. How nice you can walk by the sea. I know what you mean about people who "get it". That’s why this forum is great. I’m just two weeks into my first cycle and pleased to say the horrible nausea is lifting. I’m off to meet a friend for a coffee which I could not have done last week. Welcome. Sue :x:


Hi @jayscats, sorry to see you've had to join us but you'll find lots of lovely people with helpful advice. When I was suffering with constipation my oncologist advised taking both a stool softener and a laxative. For the most part the stool softener was enough for me. It's a fine balance and you'll eventually find yours! Wishing you all the best with your treatment. I'm over on the Cumbrian Coast!
Take care, Louise :x::x:


Welcome to the forum @jaycats.
I am glad that you have found us as it’s a lovely supportive community with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
However, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
The chemo side effects are a bit of a balancing act and you learn things through the cycle’s.
It sounds like you have a positive outlook and doing busy things to promote a sense of wellbeing. The creative writing sounds interesting.
The charity has some fantastic publications (links to right) that may be helpful.

Best Wishes
Jane :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@jaycats Sorry for your diagnosis but welcome to the forum. You will find the answer to most questions on here and a very supportive community. Enjoy the walks by the beautiful Northumberland coast :x::x:


Hi @jayscats just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Regarding constipation, you might have read that some people have found prune juice helpful, or eating fiber rich food... but I understand how this can be a source of worry and managing side effects from treatment a delicate balancing exercise.
Enjoy the creative writing workshop tomorrow :x::x:


Thank you everyone for your kind welcomes 🥰 I too have now discovered senna with a prescribed ‘stool softener’ is going to be the way forward, alongside my high fibre diet & exercise - thanks for all your tips, I really appreciate it :) The creative writing workshop was really great, emotional, warm, safe and positive and it’s helped me find my voice again but it did also highlight my need for mental health wellness, so I’m looking forward to that group starting soon. Have a great Sunday everyone :x::x::x:


Hi everyone, I've just joined this site, as I lost my mum to bowel cancer in August this year, I'm finding it difficult to cope and it doesn't seem real, any advice and tips would be super helpful, thank you 🙂


Hi @David1808,

Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you're finding things difficult just now since losing your lovely mum very recently. There is a dedicated bereavement section if you'd like to post a new thread there and also could post in 'welcome to the forum' where I'm sure you'll gain some helpful advice and support as well as warm welcomes!

Sending lots of love,

Karen 💙💜💛❤️💚


Thank you for making me welcome, I'll have a look at those forums 🙂


Just click on topics at the top of the page @David1808 and you'll see them. Please don't hesitate to shout if you need any further help either on here or via private message.

Take care,

Karen 💜💚💛❤️💙